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Frank Thomas story

Just read this on the net54 boards and thought it was hillarious:

**Frank Thomas story.

During the 1962 season, he played for the NY Mets. This was their inaugural season and they were the worst team in MLB history. Several times, early in the season, their centerfielder, Richie Ashburn, and their shortstop, Elio Chacon, collided while chasing pop-ups. After one particularly bad collision, Ashburn talks to a coach. He was told that Chacon spoke no English and did not understand when Ashburn yelled "I've got it!"

Ashburn, being a team leader, calls a players meeting the next day. They hash it out and decide that he will yell "Yo la tengo!" in the future.

The next game, there's another short pop. Ashburn comes charging in yelling "Yo la tango!" Out of the corner of his eye he's watching Chacon, who immediately slams on the brakes and veers off. Ashburn then proceeds to get flattened by leftfielder Frank Thomas, and the ball drops.

Frank had skipped the team meeting, and spoke no Spanish.

As Thomas is helping Ashburn up he says to him, "What the hell is a yellow tango?"


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