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How do you best valuate foreign stamps

My father left me a very old (he started in the 20's) foreign stamp album. I have to say it's about 7 inches think. I used to collect US stamps and know quite a bit about them but this foreign stuff is well, foreign. image


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    Griv, Are you lost image
    To Err Is Human.... To Collect Err's Is Just Too Much Darn Tootin Fun!
  • GrivGriv Posts: 2,804
    Seriously. I want to sell it and give the money to my brother who is being destroyed financially by the housing market and a personal family health tragedy.

    I think I might deal with one page at a time. I'm heading down to the book store for price book.
  • GrivGriv Posts: 2,804
    Sadly, as a youth, I sold what would have been an extremely valuable US Stamp collection. When I got old enough to realize what I had done I could never bring myself to collect stamps again. The same thing happened with coins (although the collection pailed compared to the stamps), but the Gold Eagles pulled me back in.

  • For identifying and valuing Foreign stamps, the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog is the industry standard. To cover the World, is 6 or 7 volumes, most larger public libraries will have a set in the Reference section.

    You can also pick up used Scott catalogs on Ebay.
    Steve Crippe
    Managing Director - Rare Stamp Department
    Heritage Auctions
  • sinin1sinin1 Posts: 7,500
    or you can get a 40-80 year old SCOTT catalog on eBay for under $10
    many less pages

    when did your dad stop adding stamps tp the book?

    if there are no stamps newer than 1960, you don't need all the new ones listed

    as far as values in catalg, they are all relative - and usually very high compared to what you can actually get

    that is why I like a old catalog - prices closer to what you can get
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