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Some decent stuff ending in the next few hours.

My ebay auctions postal history and early stamps


  • Yow! I either make a mint or lose my a**! Totally unpredictable.
    Some high quality stuff sells for 9% of catalog and something ratty I paid a dollar for sells for $100!
    If I put a reserve or BIN it doesn't sell, but still I pay ebay's exorbitant fees(besides fewer people look at BIN's) Dealers have such high prices on low quality stuff, that I don't even look through the BIN's very often). I usually pay about 20%+ total after I pay ebay for all the work I did,and then pay their other company, Extorta-Pal or Fee-Foe, the fees for receiving money. I think they should reduce the fees and group them together instead of paying two different businesses owned by the same company(is that supposed to make you think you're getting a deal or something?)

    Is there a better stamp oriented site where sales can actually be made with a REAL consistent collector/customer base (beside APS store I don't relish having to send all of my material to them while it sits there for months.)

    I have an online ebay survey to fill out, hope I get to add my 2 cents (if they don't take it in fees anyway ha ha)
  • Zac,

    Have you tried Stampwants? I don't visit there often, but that is the alternative that comes to mind.

  • Yeah see that's what I mean, you don't visit there very often, so does anyone else? Seems like last time I looked there it was just some of the same stuff the dealers are trying to pass on ebay. I have come to the conclusion not that Sc. CV is inaccurate, it's totally irrelevant. I doubt I will buy a new Scott (retail is like over $100) 08' version is doing me fine.
  • Yep. My 2004 specialized has been just fine since I picked it up used in 06 or so. Might be time to update to an 07 or 08 but I have no intention of buying a new current issue.

  • Another place I sell duplicates is through the APS sales books. It takes 2 years to get paid, or even see how I did, but I love that the prospective buyers have the stamp right there in front of them.

    My selling philosophy is basically that I put some material on eBay, some on the APS online stampstore, some in APS sales circuits, and some gets consigned to other dealers or a tradional auction for sale. I choose what I think will be best in the long run. Of course I do make mistakes.

  • Yeah I don't want to wait 2 years! Ebay is switching the fees around again among other things Maybe Yahoo would be better...

    I really like "buyer protection" offered " BY" Ebay. HAH! What a joke, it's paid for by SELLERS!!! Man, I want a business like that: offer a service that someone else funds, which increases my business and income.
  • sinin1sinin1 Posts: 7,500
    what does Yahoo have were you can sell stamps?
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