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KM31, .800 silver/.7274 oz. Crown sized. Flashy white-gold with cartwheel luster and semi-prooflike surfaces- only 2,000 struck.

I personally guarantee you that this coin looks 500% better than the truly horrid scans you see here. (This was NOT the sort of coin to image with a scanner!)

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when you see it in hand. It catalogs $35.00 in the 2009 Krause Standard Catalog, and I had been asking $26 for it, but... well... I have come to the realization that I am never gonna be able to sell it with such awful scans. I really might as well not have attached any picture at all- that's how bad these make this coin look. For that reason, I didn't put it on eBay when I just swept all my BST stuff off to auction there recently.

Oh, that hairline... it just leaps out at you in the scans. It really doesn't, in real life. You can barely see it, in hand. (It's invisible to me unless I put it under a 7x loupe.) In fact, because the hairline is so nearly invisible in hand, I would not call it a "problem" so much as the reason I've given the coin an MS61 grade. It's consistent with that grade. And the coin has better eye appeal than your average scuffy MS61, of course. In hand it has at least MS63 eye appeal.

I promise you these scans do the coin no justice at all. It's a beautiful big hunk o' silver- a tiny bit bigger around than a US silver dollar.

Who has an interesting US or World coin trade for me? C'mon, take a chance. There's actually no gambling involved, 'cause if you aren't pleasantly surprised by its appearance in hand, I'll take it back, refund your return shipping, etc.


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  • Hello Lord M. If no one comes up with a trade offer I will buy it from you. You name the price. I have the 1948 five shilling in bu, but don't have any of the proof like. Would make an excellant addition to my collection.
    Proud recipiant of the Lord M "you suck award-March-2008"
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