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More Signatures/Sp's Still of All Sorts

Hi All,

more material still - common and rare:

Classic horror image signed Kevin MCarthy - a printed b/w postcard from the 1956 cult film Invasion Of the Body Snatchers, C. 1970's
Jack Carson signed vintage candid photograph, app 4x6, c. 1952, signed vioet fountain, pen Ex-Zane Collecion
Olivia de Havilland desirable strong signtaure on white index card, black ballpoint, C. 1980
Charles Bickford signed vintage sepia Hollwod still, c. 1920's fountain pen, medocre contract, but veryscarce in early form
King Donovan signed index card in red felt tip, known for his role as Kevin McCarthy's friend in the cult clasic The Body Snatchers
William Bendix signed newspaper clippeg from Life of Riley C. 1949, some minir vintage damage repared experlty with brown paper tape from reverse (priced very accordingly), signed in red fountian pen "Wm. Bendix"

Original app 4x5 original studio production negative numbered photograph of Joseph Cotten and Valli discussing a scene from the 1940's production of "Weep no More" with director Robert Stephenson, with original blurb, taken by famed cinematographer William Sickler (who filmed the famous serial The Phantom Creeps with Bela Lugosi among many other things)

WILL SAMPSON Exceedingly RARE signature on blue index casd in black ink - the "Bid Indian from the classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - a painter, actor and very talented man, this was signed ii 1987 in the hospital right before his death. He has written "God Bess you, Will Sampson" - this signature is hardly ever available and this is a stong example

Best wishes,
Eric - contact magikbilly@yahoo.com or PM me here image have a nice day
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