1ST Canadian Proof Set

I purcahsed a 1988 proof set a few days back for 8.96 shipped. It arrived this morning. all I can say is WOW I have never seen one before and they really outdid theirselves. Im hooked on these and will be buying more. For those that have never seen one. The come in a case and inside the case is a leather like bound proof set in hard plastic you can flip like a book and see both sides with the coin specifications mounted on one end of the book.




  • That is a beauty! The thing I notice about all of the Canadian sets that I have is the consistency of the quality. They are really beautiful and well struck.
    There are many more out there waiting for you.Shep
  • coffeycecoffeyce Posts: 934 ✭✭✭

    I think the thing I like the most is that the US set especially older ones are thrown in cheap plastic bags. The newer canadian sets I have seen are done in the bound nice plastic displays and are quite lovely coins.

    I purchased an 86 set last night.

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