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Selling Stamp Collection

I'm in need of money so I'm selling my stamp collection. I mostly have First Day of Issue that I purchased through the Postal Commemorative Society. I started in 1990 and ended about 2000. Stamps come with the Display page, vinyl holder, and album. If you are interested in some or all, send me a PM.
Thank you,


  • Probably have better luck on ebay. These have very minimal value, but are neat to look at.
  • Thank you.
  • These mass produced FDC's are made especially for collectors and are made in the thousands(or more ) and usually depreciate in value the moment they're purchased. My mom went with me to a stamp show today, and she bought the binder of 50 state Birds produced by the same Postal Commemorative Society for $10 (she is not a collector but liked the bird illustrations) that amounts to 20 cents each. I think on the binder it said ,"originally cost $110."
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