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Prince charles and diana stamps

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again another post from complete novice.

My mom has stamps form different countries commerorating the prince charles and diana wedding. Probably 100+ all individual unused and carefully put in a stamp book that protects the stamps.
Here is an example



Don't know if they were purchased as a book (there are 2 of them) or individually and placed in books.

Are these anything ? what kind of value for this kind of thing?

Yes I know serious collectors might laugh at this but any info would be appreciated.

thank you
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  • I doubt these have much value. They are the type of stamps created specifically for the, "I'm gonna buy these and they will be worth thousands in a few years," collectors market. Ebay might be a good place, someone who collects Diana stuff might be interested, just set a fair price so you don't lose out but not overpriced so they don't sell.
  • Its nice to look at them.. Not sure of their value..
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