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Unique Admiral Nimitz autographed item

While cleaning around the house, making room for, and looking for, Christmas decor, we found what appears to be (it is) a script for a 3 minute interview on the first anniversary of V-J Day. The interview was on NBC (Aug 14, 1946, with a broadcast time of 6:02-6:05pm), from their affiliate in Schenectady, NY, TV station WGY. The script appears to be a mimeographed copy, consistent with the era. This isn't where I feel the real potential importance lies.

My wife's grandfather was a Captain in the Navy, was in the decoding program....lots of important stuff (we actually also have tons of the 'practice' decoding papers used as practice before the end of WWII). But I digress....the copy of the script is personalized to Capt. Evans, from Admiral Nimitz (they were apparently great friends). The note reads as follows:

"To Captain Joseph Evans USN-
A life long friend and a splendid engineer-
Best wishes and great aloha-

C.W. Nimitz-Fleet Admiral, USN

(its what follows this greeting that makes me post this, and look for possible assistance, as far as authentication-which is not in question, but with potential value as well)

It is ended with this inscription:

"Signed with pen used to sign Japenese surrender terms. CWN"

This is quoted verbatim, just as Admiral Nimitz wrote it, on this interview script, almost 63 years and 4 months ago.

I found this image of Admiral Nimitz signing the surrender, and the handwriting is identical to the handwriting in this image. Can anyone lead me in the right direction as to getting this authenticated, lead me to possible pricing, venue for auction (should it be something that would, indeed, be sought after), etc? My guess (an uneducated one in the autograph sector) is, that this being signed with the same pen that signed the Japanese surrender, would/could/should have some historical significance.

Capt. Evans was a graduate of the USNA. He was appointed as Dean of GE Military representatives, as well as Inspector of Naval materials, for the U.S. Navy at GE in Schenectady, NY, beginning in 1938, overseeing all production for GE made materials for the Navy. Our guess is that Admiral Nimitz was in Schenectady that particular day, simply visiting Capt. Evans, checking up on GE, making an official visit, etc.

If there are other internet sites/forums that I could/should bring this to, I'd appreciate that information. Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated. For those that can help, please feel free to reply, but to also PM me, as I am mainly on the Coin forum and Registry set forum.

Given the potential significance of this script, we feel it MAY be worth more to a collector, as we have a NUMBER of other items from WWII from Capt. Evans. Some of the decoding materials are simply remarkable.

Thanks to any/all that can help!!
I'll come up with something.


  • Hi there,

    Sports, anything modern and Military is not my area - I only collect vintage Golden Hollywood/TV and theatre/music autographs and original candid photograhs of same. However, I sent a good deal of time looking for anything to help you. His sigs are not rare at all, but your unusual, early dated item with the annotation about the pen would certainly command a premium to many if not all serious collectors. I'd be happy to look at it for you. Send me a PM and I'll glady do so, but you know it is most likely genuine already from what you posted. Pricing is a but tough as you need to find the right collector - some will be happy with any example, some will only want fountain pen and some will go nuts because of THAT pen. I'd spend time trying to find any exisiting sound recordings of the interview. This would be wonderful and boost the desirability tremendously. Even a still taken at that time - vintage/candid even better. Really anything else to tie it all together would be very useful in terms of selling, although the pen used is a huge attraction alone. Do you collect vintage Hollywood or TV. I've got some neat stuff - unpublished candid photographs of the Honeymooners in rehearsals, complete cast sets and other neat stuff. I also have a lot of stuff on offer. War related - I have a program from Wouk's Mutiny on the Bounty signed by much of the cast - the 1952 stage production.

    Best wishes,
  • Not sure of that too...
  • NotSureNotSure Posts: 2,978 ✭✭✭
    Dimeadozen....I am not understanding your reply. It has been authenticated since my original post, and it will more than likely be consigned to R&R Autograph auctions in Feb or March, unless Christies or Heritage decide to smarten up (they HAVE expressed interest in it, being unique). Been given a pre-auction estimate of close to 5 numbers, as it is a unique item, which the interview was easily verified. Given Nimitz's integrity, there is NO doubt the pen used to inscribe the script was what the pen Nimitz says it is...THE pen used to sign the Japanese surrender. I'd like to see Christies call back on it, but R&R is a good firm, good track record, and VERY hot to have this UNIQUE piece. There WILL be a reserve on it, but that will be between myself and the auction house. If it doesn't meet the reserve, I hold onto it until such a time it does. This piece, apparently, is so desirable, it's now only handled with latex gloves. If you have any doubts about this item or it's authenticity, then move along and stick to the Dimeadozen photographs of the signing of the surrender on the U.S.S. Missouri, that Nimitz autographed (likely without the same pen seen in the photo), because this piece is NOT a Dimeadozen...its 'Oneofakind', and THAT I AM sure of.
    I'll come up with something.
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