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Best way to find out stamps value

My wife has a stamp collection. There has to be a couple of hundred.
What is the best way to research the values?

Thank you


  • Welcome to the stamps forum!

    Are they US stamps or worldwide?

    The best place to start may be the local library if they have a set of Scott catalogs. Generally speaking, most modern material is of minimal value. If big money was paid for the material to begin with, there's a better chance of it having value now. These are generalizations and there are exceptions. Do you have any pictures?

  • Thank you for the answer. I will try the library. These are probably of little value, but it is worth checking out.
    Thanks again
  • The simplest way to start would be a stamp catalogue....

    Popular worldwide catalogue is Stanley Gibbons...

    SG also has a website www.allworldstamps.com that allows you to check the stamp value online...
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