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How best to dispose of FDCs and Commemorative Panels?

I've inherited scores and scores (maybe a couple hundred)adressed FDCs, a whole bunch of commemorative panels, and a few books of topicals on presentation panels in binders. What's the best way to sell these off? Is there a better option than Ebay?



  • SCDHunterSCDHunter Posts: 686 ✭✭✭
    I would recommend going through and identifying each one using a reference such as the Scott catalog.

    If the FDCs are older and have cachets, then it would be worthwhile to determine the identity of the cachet maker.

    I would then search eBay to determine what similar items are bringing at auction. That will provide you a basis of the value of your items.

    For common material, the stamp market is very weak.
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