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Virtual TAG #3 Coin List

In an effort to keep a comprehensive list at the top of the tread I am creating a list of all the coins in the TAG here.
Participants, if you ADD any coins, PLEASE PM me.
That way I can add to this list at the top of page 1.
I can also add them to a link I will create to show new additions.


Want Lists

Graded Gold
Graded Dollars
Graded Halves
Graded Quarters
Graded Dimes
Graded Half Dimes/Nickels
Graded Cents/Half Cents
Graded SAEs
Raw Coins
Graded Tokens/Other
Darkside Coins
New Additions

ajia added 33 new coins!
bstat1020 added a cent to his WANT LIST
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TorinoCobra has added a Quarter.
slinc has added a Morgan
slinc has added a quarter
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ajia added a group of Proof SHQ, NO Packaging, Just Plastic Cases
bstat1020 added a coin
ajia added six 1976 Silver Mint Sets (Red Package w/COA)
Millertime has added some Prez Dollars
Musky added NGC Franklin, ANACS Lincoln, Raw Lincoln & Commem
ajia added raw SAE BU & Proofs
ajia added some Proof sets & raw coins
ocon4008 has joined....NICE COINS!!!
bstat1020 added some Jefferson Rolls
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Certified Coins:

1967 Lincoln Cent Error ANACS AU58 (misaligned dies)

2005-D Jefferson Nickel (Bison) MS64

10c 1948 PCGS MS66 (toned edges)
10c 1948-D PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1964 PCGS PR67
10c 1968-D PCGS MS66
10c 1972-S ICG PR69
10c 1984-D PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1985-P PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1987-P PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1987-D PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1989-P PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1990-P PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1992-P PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1994-P PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1995-P PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1996-D PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1996-W PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 1996-S ICG PR70DCAM
10c 1997-D PCGS MS66 (from ajia)
10c 2001-P PCGS MS67 (from ajia)

1914 Barber Quarter NGC XF45 obverse, reverse
1971-S Washington Quarter PCGS PR66
1973-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS65
1974-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS64
1978-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS64
1989-P Washington Quarter PCGS MS64

MS Statehood Quarters (PCGS no flag holders) that are NOT part of the registry set listed below:
1999-P Georgia MS64
2000-D South Carolina MS64
2000-P New Hampshire MS64
2001-D New York MS65
2001-D Vermont MS66
2001-P Rhode Island MS64
2001-P North Carolina MS66
2002-P Mississippi MS64
2002-D Louisiana MS66
2002-P Louisiana MS66
2002-D Indiana MS65
2003-D Missouri MS66
2005-P West Virginia MS68 Satin Finish

PR State Quarters (PCGS no flag holders)
2000-S Maryland PR69DCAM
2000-S South Carolina PR69DCAM
2000-S Virginia PR69DCAM Silver
2003-S Arkansas PR69DCAM
2003-S Illinois PR69DCAM
2003-S Missouri PR69DCAM
2004-S Florida PR69DCAM Silver
2004-S Texas PR69DCAM
2005-S Oregon PR69DCAM Silver
2006-S Nebraska PR68DCAM Silver

Franklin Half Dollar
1952-D 50c PCGS MS63FBL (from TorinoCobra71)

Kennedy Half Dollars (PCGS)
1971-S PR67CAM
1972-S PR68CAM
1976-S PR68CAM Silver
1981-S PR68DCAM Type 1
1981-S PR69DCAM Type 1
1985-P MS65
2000-S PR68CAM
2005-S PR69DCAM (3)
2005-S PR69DCAM Silver

$1 1977-D Eisenhower Dollar PCGS MS63
$1 2007-D George Washington Dollar PCGS FDI MS65
$1 2007-P George Washington Dollar PCGS FDI MS65
$1 2007-P John Adams Dollar NGC MS65
$1 2007-S Thomas Jefferson NGC P69UCAM

2007-W Silver Eagle NGC Early Releases MS70 (with mint box)

Raw Coins:
1817 Large Cent AG obverse, reverse
1838 Large Cent F obverse, reverse

World Coins:
1962 Canada 1962 5c ANACS MS66 PL

1976-P Lincoln Cent GCGS MS69
2005-P Nickel GCGS MS69

Registry Sets:

20th Century Type Set, No Gold (all rattlers)(white rattler storage box included, not easy to find)
War Nickel Registry Set
Washington Statehood Quarter Registry Set

Trades for bust, seated, barber or Roosevelt dimes (PCGS only please) that I need for my Complete Dime Set would be preferred.


50c 1948-D NGC MS64FBL Obverse Reverse

H10C 1834 NGC AU58

1c 1865 ANACS MS63
die chip right top of shield

1c 1942 ANACS PR63RB blue label

1/2 Penny Conder NGC 1794 MS65BN

1c 1936 raw Obverse Reverse

1892 Columbus Commem---raw Obverse Reverse

$1 SAE
1997 (from ajia)
2000 (from ajia)
2001 (from ajia)
2002 (from ajia)
2003 (from ajia)
2005 (from ajia)

Looking for some old gold


$1 2007 SAE NGC MS69
$1 1878 8TF ANACS MS61 (Blue insert. Obv. Clash, unsure of VAM)
$1 1880-P ICG MS61 (Believe to be, VAM 50A)
$1 1879-P ANACS MS63 (Blue insert, nice for the grade, peripheral toning)
$1 1883-O ANACS MS61 VAM 36-A E Rev. Hot 50 on holder (blue insert)
$1 1927-D PCGS XF45 (from ajia)
50c 1958-D PCGS MS63
50c 1960 PCGS MS62
50c 1961 PCGS MS63 (from TorinoCobra71)
50c 1961-D PCGS MS63
25c 1844 PCGS VF25 (from TorinoCobra71)
5c 1940-P PCGS MS65
5c 1941-P PCGS MS65
5c 1941-D PCGS MS65

I will entertain all offers, but what I most want, is to add to My Morgan set


$1 1974-S Silver PCGS PR69CAM (from ajia)
$1 1976-S Clad T1 PCGS PR68DCAM (from ajia)
$1 1976-S Silver PCGS PR66CAM (from ajia)
50c 1997-S Silver PCGS PR69DCAM (from ajia)
25c 1976-S Clad PCGS PR69DCAM (from ajia)
25c 1999-S Silver PCGS DE PR68DCAM (from ajia)
25c 2004-S Silver IA PCGS PR69DCAM

$5 1989 GAE PCGS MS69 (from TorinoCobra71)
$5 2003 GAE PCGS MS69 (from TorinoCobra71)

(1) 1975
(1) 1976
(1) 1977
(1) 1978
(1) 1979
(1) 1980w/ PDS Dollar Souvenir set
(1) 1981
(1) 1984
(1) 1985
(1) 1987
(1) 1997
(1) 1998
(2) 2000
(2) 2001
(2) 2002
(2) 2003
(2) 2005
(2) 2006
(2) 2007

Proof Sets with OGP
(1) 2009

Raw Coins
$5 in Barber Halves (from ajia)
4 - 1955P Jefferson XF Rolls
4 - 1958P Jefferson BU Rolls
3- 1961P Jefferson BU Rolls
6 - 1963P Jefferson BU Rolls
3 - 1963D Jefferson BU Rolls


1c 1968-S PCGS PR66CAM (OGH)
1c 1970-S PCGS PR67RD Large Date

5c 1938-D Buffalo ANACS MS65 obverse, reverse (from Millertime)

10c 1941 NGC MS65
10c 1949-D PCGS MS67
10c 1961 PCGS MS64
10c 1962 PCGS MS65FB
10c 1964-D ANACS MS64 - Blue Holder

25c 1942-S ANACS MS63 - White Holder
25c 1954 PCGS MS64
25c 1964 PCGS PR66DCAM
25c 1964 PCGS MS65
25c 1964-D PCGS MS62
25c 1969-S PCGS PR68CAM

50c 1945 PCGS MS65 (from slinc)
50c 1949-S PCGS MS64
50c 1950 PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1950-D PCGS MS63FBL
50c 1951-S PCGS MS65
50c 1953 PCGS MS64
50c 1953-D PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1953-S PCGS MS64
50c 1954-S PCGS MS65
50c 1955 PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1955 PCGS MS65
50c 1957 PCGS MS66 (OGH)
50c 1957-D PCGS MS65FBL
50c 1958 PCGS MS66
50c 1958 NGC PF66
50c 1960 PCGS MS65
50c 1962 PCGS MS64
50c 1962-D PCGS MS65
50c 1963 PCGS MS65
50c 1963 PCGS PR66CAM
50c 1963-D PCGS MS65
50c 1969-S PCGS PR65
50c 1978-S PCGS PR69DCAM

$1 1878-S PCGS MS62
$1 1879-S PCGS AU58
$1 1880-S PCGS MS65
$1 1882-S ANACS MS64 OBV PL (from bstat1020)
$1 1883-CC PCGS MS64 (from slinc)
$1 1883-O PCGS MS 62 DMPL (Blue insert, white coin) (from morganbarber)
$1 1884-CC NGC MS64
$1 1884-O PCGS MS65PL (from bstat1020)
$1 1884-O PCGS MS63 (OGH)
$1 1885-O ANACS MS63 - Yellow Holder
$1 1885-O PCGS MS63 (OGH)
$1 1887 PCGS MS64 (OGH)
$1 1897 PCGS MS63
$1 1899-O PCGS MS63 (OGH)
$1 1904-O PCGS MS64 (OGH)
$1 1921 PCGS MS63


$2.5 1861 Gold (New Reverse) PCGS AU53
$2.5 1877-S Gold PCGS MS62
$2.5 1912 Gold PCGS AU53
$1 1851 Gold PCGS Genuine 98
$1 1854 Gold (Type 1) PCGS AU55
$1 1905 Gold Lewis and Clark PCGS Genuine 94

$1 1798 Bust (Type 2 Heraldic Eagle) PCGS G04


$1 1884-CC PCGS MS62

25c 1853 arrows and rays PCGS XF40 Obverse Reverse (from Musky1011)
25c 1950 PCGS PR65 (Old Holder-Between Rattler & OGH) (from ajia)
25c 1956 PCGS PR66CAM (from TorinoCobra71)
25c 1964 PCGS PR67 - OGH (from TorinoCobra71)

$10 2005-W GAE with OGP (from TorinoCobra71)


$1 1879-CC Cap Die (VAM-3) ANACS VF30 Details-Rim Damage
$1 1879-S PCGS MS63 (from bstat1020)
$1 1880-S PCGS MS65 (Very Nice Obv Toning)
$1 1880 S PCGS MS63 (from bstat1020)
$1 1881-S ICG MS65
$1 1881-S PCGS MS64
$1 1881-S PCGS MS63 (from bstat1020)
$1 1882-O PCGS XF45 (Touch of Obv Toning @ 11)
$1 1884-O PCGS MS63 (Nice Obv Toning)
$1 1885 PCGS MS64
$1 1886-P PCGS MS63 (Green insert. Clash & obverse die breaks) (from morganbarber)
$1 1888 PCGS MS64
$1 1889-CC PCGS Genuine '98'
$1 1891-O PCGS Genuine '98'
$1 1892 PCGS AU53
$1 1895-O PCGS Genuine '98'
$1 1896-P PCGS AU58 (Blue insert) (from morganbarber)
$1 1899 PCGS MS62
$1 1899-O PCGS MS64
$1 1900 PCGS MS64
$1 1904-O PCGS MS62 (Golden Rim Toning)
$1 1921 Morgan VAM-13 ANACS MS62
$1 1922-S PCGS AU55
$1 1923-D PCGS AU58
$1 1934-D PCGS AU58
$1 1971 PCGS MS63
$1 1971-D PCGS MS65 (2)
$1 1971-S Silver PCGS MS66
$1 1971-S Silver PCGS MS65
$1 1971-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
$1 1972 Type1 PCGS MS64 (2)
$1 1972 Type1 PCGS MS63 (2)
$1 1972 Type1 PCGS MS62 (2)
$1 1972-D PCGS MS65
$1 1972-D PCGS MS64
$1 1973-D PCGS MS64
$1 1974 PCGS MS63
$1 1974-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM (Rim Haze)
$1 1974-S Clad PCGS PR67CAM
$1 1976 T2 PCGS MS64
$1 1976-S Silver PCGS MS66
$1 1976-S Clad T1 PCGS PR66CAM
$1 1976-S Clad T2 PCGS PR67DCAM
$1 1976-S Silver PCGS PR65DCAM
$1 1977 PCGS MS64 (2)
$1 1977-S PCGS PR68DCAM
$1 1977-S PCGS PR67CAM
$1 1978 PCGS MS65 (OGH)
$1 1978-D PCGS MS64
$1 1979-P Wide Rim PCGS MS64
$1 1979-P Wide Rim PCGS MS62
$1 1979-S Type 2 PCGS PR68DCAM
$1 1980 P PCGS MS64 (from bstat1020)
$1 1980-S PCGS PR68DCAM
$1 1981-P PCGS MS65
$1 1981-P PCGS MS64
$1 1981-S PCGS MS64
$1 1981-S T1 PCGS PR65DCAM
$1 1981-S T1 PCGS PR64DCAM
$1 2000-P PCGS MS67
$1 2003-S PCGS PR69DCAM (4)
$1 2005-P PCGS MS67SF
$1 2005-S PCGS PR68DCAM
$1 2006-P PCGS MS67SF
$1 2006-D PCGS MS67SF
$1 2007-P PCGS MS68SF
$1 2007-D PCGS MS66
$1 2007-D GW PCGS MS65 FDI
$1 2007-D JA PCGS MS68SF Pos-B
$1 2008-P John Q. Adams MS68SF Pos-B (from Millertime)
$1 2008-P Andrew Jackson MS68SF Pos-A (from Millertime)
$1 2008-D Andrew Jackson MS68SF Pos-B (from Millertime)
$1 2008-P Martin Van Buren PCGS MS68SF Pos-B (from Millertime)
50c 1921-S PCGS G6
50c 1934 PCGS AU58
50c 1936 PCGS MS64
50c 1936-S PCGS VF20
50c 1938 PCGS MS63
50c 1938-D PCGS VG08
50c 1939 PCGS AU53
50c 1939-D PCGS Genuine (91)
50c 1939-S PCGS Genuine (92)
50c 1940-S PCGS MS63
50c 1941-D PCGS AU55
50c 1941-S PCGS MS64
50c 1941-S PCGS Genuine (98)
50c 1942 PCGS MS63
50c 1942-S PCGS MS62 (Mottled Toning)
50c 1944 PCGS MS64
50c 1944-D PCGS AU58
50c 1944-S PCGS MS64
50c 1945 PCGS AU58
50c 1946-D PCGS MS65
50c 1946-S PCGS MS64
50c 1947 PCGS MS64
50c 1948-D PCGS MS63FBL
50c 1949-D PCGS MS62FBL (2)
50c 1949-S PCGS AU55
50c 1950 PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1950 PCGS PR63 (Rust Rim Toning)
50c 1951 PCGS PR63
50c 1951-D PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1951-S PCGS MS62
50c 1952 PCGS MS63FBL
50c 1952 PCGS PR64
50c 1953 PCGS MS63
50c 1953 PCGS PR65
50c 1953-D PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1954 PCGS MS63 (Rim Toning)
50c 1954 PCGS PR66
50c 1954-D PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1954-D PCGS MS64
50c 1954-S PCGS MS64FBL (2)
50c 1955 PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1955 PCGS PR67
50c 1956 PCGS MS65FBL
50c 1956 T2 PCGS PR67
50c 1957 PCGS MS63FBL
50c 1957 PCGS PR68
50c 1957 PCGS PR65
50c 1958 PCGS MS65
50c 1958 PCGS PR65
50c 1959 PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1959 PCGS PR67
50c 1959-D PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1960 PCGS PR65 (OGH)
50c 1961 PCGS PR67CAM
50c 1961 PCGS PR67
50c 1962 PCGS MS64 (Toned)
50c 1962 PCGS PR68
50c 1962 PCGS PR65CAM
50c 1962-D PCGS MS64FBL
50c 1963 PCGS PR65 (Rattler Holder)
50c 1963 PCGS PR64
50c 1963-D ANACS MS64 Toned
50c 1964 PCGS MS64 (Toning from 11-1)
50c 1964 PCGS PR66
50c 1964 AH PCGS PR66CAM
50c 1964 AH PCGS PR65
50c 1965 PCGS MS64
50c 1965 PCGS SMS MS66
50c 1965 PCGS SMS MS65
50c 1966 PCGS SMS MS67CAM
50c 1966 PCGS SMS MS65
50c 1967 PCGS MS62
50c 1967 PCGS SMS MS67
50c 1967 PCGS SMS MS65CAM
50c 1967 PCGS SMS MS64
50c 1968-D PCGS MS65
50c 1968-S PCGS PR69CAM
50c 1968-S PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1968-S PCGS PR67CAM
50c 1969-D PCGS MS64 (2)
50c 1969-D PCGS MS63
50c 1969-S PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 1969-S PCGS PR68CAM
50c 1969-S PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 1970-D PCGS MS64 (3)
50c 1970-D PCGS MS63
50c 1970-D PCGS MS62
50c 1970-S PCGS PR69CAM
50c 1970-S PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 1970-S PCGS PR67CAM
50c 1971-D PCGS MS66
50c 1971-S PCGS PR68
50c 1973 PCGS MS65
50c 1973-S PCGS MS69DCAM
50c 1973-S PCGS PR68CAM (2)
50c 1976 Clad PCGS MS63
50c 1976-D Clad PCGS MS64
50c 1976-S Silver PCGS PR67CAM
50c 1976-S Silver PCGS PR66DCAM
50c 1977-D PCGS MS64
50c 1977-S PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 1977-S PCGS PR68CAM
50c 1978-S PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1980-S PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1981-S PCGS PR68DCAM T1
50c 1981-S PCGS PR65CAM T2
50c 1982-S PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 1983-S PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 1984-P PCGS MS65 (OGH)
50c 1984-S PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 1985-D PCGS MS66
50c 1985-S PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 1986-S PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1987-S PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 1988-S PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1989-P PCGS MS65
50c 1989-P PCGS MS64
50c 1989-D PCGS AU58
50c 1989-S PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 1990-P PCGS MS64
50c 1990-S PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1991-P PCGS MS63
50c 1991-D PCGS MS64
50c 1991-S PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 1992-P PCGS MS66
50c 1992-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1993-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1994-P PCGS MS66
50c 1994-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM (3)
50c 1995-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM (2)
50c 1995-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 1996-D PCGS MS66
50c 1996-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1997-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1997-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 1998-D PCGS MS66
50c 1998-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 1998-S Silver PCGS PR66DCAM
50c 1999-P PCGS MS66 (2)
50c 1999-D PCGS MS66
50c 1999-D PCGS MS64 (2)
50c 1999-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 1999-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 2000-D PCGS MS66
50c 2000-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM (2)
50c 2001-D PCGS MS66 (2)
50c 2001-S PCGS PR68DCAM (2)
50c 2002-S Silver PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 2002-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 2003-P PCGS MS64
50c 2003-S PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 2003-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
50c 2003-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
50c 2004-P PCGS MS66
50c 2004-P PCGS MS65
50c 2004-S Silver PCGS PR66DCAM
50c 2005-D PCGS MS64
50c 2005-D PCGS MS66SF
50c 2005-S Silver PCGS PR69DCAM
50c 2006-D PCGS MS67SF
25c 1838 Capped Bust PCGS VF20 (from slinc)
25c 1928 PCGS G04
25c 1934 PCGS AU58
25c 1939-D PCGS MS63 (Toned)
25c 1941 PCGS MS65 (Omaha)
25c 1942 PCGS PR65
25c 1942 PCGS PR64
25c 1942-S PCGS AU58 (Slight Tone)
25c 1945 PCGS AU58
25c 1947 PCGS MS64
25c 1948 PCGS MS64 (Nice Subtle Toning)
25c 1948 PCGS MS63 (2)
25c 1949 PCGS MS64
25c 1950 PCGS MS64 (Nice Rim Toning)
25c 1950 PCGS MS66
25c 1951 PCGS MS65
25c 1951 PCGS MS64
25c 1951 PCGS PR66 (Toned)
25c 1951 PCGS PR64 (Toned)
25c 1951-D PCGS MS65
25c 1952 PCGS PR65
25c 1952 PCGS PR64
25c 1952-S PCGS MS65 (Rim Toning)
25c 1952-S PCGS MS64
25c 1953-S PCGS MS65
25c 1954 PCGS MS65 (Toned)
25c 1954 PCGS PR67
25c 1954 PCGS PR66
25c 1954-D PCGS MS65
25c 1955 PCGS MS64
25c 1955 PCGS PR66
25c 1955-D PCGS MS64
25c 1955-D PCGS MS63
25c 1956 PCGS MS64
25c 1956 PCGS PR67
25c 1956 PCGS PR66
25c 1956-D PCGS MS65
25c 1957 PCGS MS65
25c 1957 PCGS PR65 (2)
25c 1957-D PCGS MS64
25c 1958 PCGS MS63
25c 1958-D PCGS MS66 (Toned)
25c 1959 PCGS MS65
25c 1959-D PCGS MS65
25c 1959-D PCGS MS64
25c 1960 PCGS PR65CAM
25c 1960-D PCGS MS64
25c 1961 PCGS MS64
25c 1961 PCGS PR64CAM
25c 1962 PCGS PR67
25c 1962-D PCGS MS64
25c 1963 PCGS MS64
25c 1963 PCGS PR67DCAM
25c 1964 PCGS MS65
25c 1964 PCGS PR68
25c 1965 SMS PCGS MS67
25c 1965 SMS PCGS MS66 (2)
25c 1965 SMS PCGS MS65
25c 1965 SMS PCGS MS64
25c 1967 SMS PCGS MS66 (2)
25c 1968-S PCGS PR67
25c 1969-D PCGS MS65
25c 1970-D PCGS MS66
25c 1970-S PCGS PR65
25c 1971 PCGS MS64
25c 1972-D PCGS MS64
25c 1972-S PCGS PR68CAM
25c 1972-S PCGS PR68
25c 1972-S PCGS PR67DCAM
25c 1973 PCGS MS64
25c 1976 Clad PCGS MS64
25c 1976-S Clad PCGS PR65CAM
25c 1978 PCGS MS65
25c 1979 PCGS MS64
25c 1979-D PCGS MS65
25c 1980-P PCGS MS65
25c 1981-D PCGS MS64
25c 1981-S T1 PCGS PR68DCAM
25c 1983-P PCGS AU58 (Working Man's Special)
25c 1983-S PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 1984-P PCGS MS64 (2)
25c 1984-D PCGS MS63
25c 1984-S PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 1986-P PCGS MS64
25c 1986-S PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 1988-P PCGS MS65
25c 1988-P PCGS MS63
25c 1988-S PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 1990-P PCGS MS64 (OGH)
25c 1992-P PCGS MS64
25c 1993-D PCGS MS65
25c 1993-D PCGS MS64
25c 1994-P PCGS MS64
25c 1996-P PCGS MS66
25c 1996-D PCGS MS65
25c 1999-P PA PCGS MS65
25c 1999-D CT PCGS MS66
25c 1999-P NJ PCGS MS66
25c 1999-S Silver NJ PCGS PR67DCAM
25c 1999-S Silver GA PCGS PR68DCAM
25c 2000-D MA PCGS MS66
25c 2000-P MD PCGS MS66
25c 2000-S Silver NH PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2000-P SC PCGS MS66
25c 2000-D SC PCGS MS66
25c 2000-S SC PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2000-P VA PCGS MS66 (3)
25c 2000-P VA PCGS PR69DCAM Silver (3)
25c 2001-D NY PCGS MS66
25c 2001-P NC PCGS MS66 (2)
25c 2001-D NC PCGS MS66
25c 2001-D RI PCGS MS65
25c 2001-P VT PCGS MS67 (Flag)
25c 2001-S VT PCGS PR69DCAM (Flag)
25c 2001-P KY PCGS MS67
25c 2002-P TN PCGS MS67 (Flag)
25c 2002-D OH PCGS MS66
25c 2002-S Silver OH PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2002-P IN PCGS MS67 (Flag)
25c 2002-P MS PCGS MS66
25c 2002-D MS PCGS MS66
25c 2002-S MS PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2002-D LA PCGS MS64
25c 2003-D MO PCGS MS66 (Flag)
25c 2003-D MO PCGS MS65
25c 2003-D IL PCGS MS66
25c 2003-D AR PCGS MS66 (2)
25c 2004-D MI PCGS MS67
25c 2004-D MI PCGS MS66
25c 2004-S MI PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2004-D FL PCGS MS67
25c 2004-D FL PCGS MS66
25c 2004-D FL PCGS MS65
25c 2005-P CA PCGS MS67 SF
25c 2005-D CA PCGS MS68 SF
25c 2005-D CA PCGS MS66 SF
25c 2005-D CA PCGS MS65 (from Millertime)
25c 2005-S CA PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2005-P MN PCGS MS66 (From Millertime)
25c 2005-D MN PCGS MS68 SF (2)
25c 2005-D MN PCGS MS67 SF
25c 2005-S MN PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2005-P KS PCGS MS67 SF
25c 2005-D KS PCGS MS67 SF
25c 2005-S KS PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2005-P WV PCGS MS67 SF
25c 2005-S WV PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2006-P NV PCGS MS67 SF
25c 2006-D CO PCGS MS68 SF (2)
25c 2006-P NE PCGS MS68 SF
25c 2006-P NE PCGS MS66 (from Millertime)
25c 2006-D NE PCGS MS66 (from Millertime)
25c 2006-P SD PCGS MS68 SF
25c 2008-S OK PCGS PR69DCAM (Flag)
25c 2008-P AK PCGS MS65 (from Millertime)
25c 2008-D AK PCGS MS65 (from Millertime)
25c 2009-S DC PCGS PR69DCAM (Flag)
25c 2009-S Guam PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2009-S US Virgin Islands PCGS PR69DCAM
25c 2009-S N. Mariana Islands PCGS PR69DCAM
10c 1921-D PCGS AG03
10c 1921-D PCGS G04
10c 1945 D PCGS MS66 OGH (from bstat1020)
10c 1946 PCGS MS64
10c 1946-D PCGS MS64
10c 1946-S PCGS MS65FB (Toned)
10c 1947-D PCGS MS64
10c 1947-S PCGS MS66 (2; 1 w/Rim Toning)
10c 1948 PCGS MS65 (Toned)
10c 1949 PCGS MS64
10c 1949-S PCGS MS64 (2; 1 w/Slight Toning)
10c 1949-S PCGS MS63
10c 1950 PCGS MS65 (Nicely Toned)
10c 1950 PCGS MS64
10c 1950 PCGS PR65CAM
10c 1950 PCGS PR64
10c 1950-D PCGS MS66
10c 1950-S PCGS MS65
10c 1950-S PCGS MS64
10c 1951 PCGS MS66 (Nice Toning Both Sides)
10c 1951 PCGS PR67
10c 1951-S PCGS MS66
10c 1952-D PCGS MS66
10c 1952-S PCGS MS65 (Toned)
10c 1953 PCGS PR67
10c 1953 PCGS PR66CAM
10c 1953 PCGS PR64
10c 1953-D PCGS MS66
10c 1954 PCGS MS65FB (Nice Toning)
10c 1954 PCGS MS65
10c 1954 PCGS PR65 (Toned)
10c 1954 PCGS PR64
10c 1955 PCGS MS66
10c 1955 PCGS MS65
10c 1955 PCGS PR64 (Slightly Toned)
10c 1955-D PCGS MS66 (2)
10c 1955-S PCGS MS66
10c 1955-S PCGS MS65
10c 1956 PCGS MS66 (Toned)
10c 1956 PCGS PR65 (Toned)
10c 1957 PCGS PR64 (Toned)
10c 1958 PCGS MS65 (Toned)
10c 1958 PCGS PR66
10c 1959 PCGS MS64 (2; 1 Toned)
10c 1959 PCGS PR65
10c 1960 PCGS MS63 (Nice Toning)
10c 1960 PCGS PR68
10c 1960-D PCGS MS66
10c 1961 PCGS MS66 (2)
10c 1961 PCGS PR67
10c 1962 PCGS MS65FB
10c 1962 PCGS PR68
10c 1962 PCGS PR67CAM
10c 1962 PCGS PR67
10c 1962 PCGS PR66
10c 1963 PCGS MS64 (Toned)
10c 1963 PCGS PR68
10c 1963 PCGS PR66CAM
10c 1964 PCGS MS63FB
10c 1964 PCGS PR69CAM
10c 1964 PCGS PR68CAM
10c 1964 PCGS PR68
10c 1965 PCGS MS64
10c 1965 SMS PCGS MS67
10c 1965 SMS PCGS MS65
10c 1966 SMS PCGS MS67
10c 1966 SMS PCGS MS66 (2)
10c 1967 SMS PCGS MS66 (2)
10c 1968-D PCGS MS64FB
10c 1968-S PCGS PR69 (2)
10c 1969 PCGS MS64
10c 1970 PCGS MS65
10c 1970-S PCGS PR69CAM
10c 1970-S PCGS PR66
10c 1971 PCGS MS65 (2)
10c 1971 PCGS MS64
10c 1971-S PCGS PR67CAM
10c 1972 PCGS MS65
10c 1972 PCGS MS64
10c 1973 PCGS MS65
10c 1975-D PCGS MS65
10c 1975-S PCGS PR65CAM
10c 1976-S PCGS PR67
10c 1977 PCGS MS65
10c 1977-S PCGS PR69CAM
10c 1978-S PCGS PR68DCAM
10c 1979-S T2 PR69DCAM (2)
10c 1979-S T2 PR68DCAM
10c 1980-P PCGS MS65
10c 1980-S PCGS PR69DCAM
10c 1981-S T1 PCGS PR69DCAM
10c 1981-S T2 PCGS PR69CAM
10c 1982-P PCGS MS65
10c 1984-D PCGS MS66
10c 1986-P PCGS MS65
10c 1987-P PCGS MS66
10c 1987-P PCGS MS64FB
10c 1987-D PCGS MS66
10c 1988-P PCGS MS64
10c 1989-D PCGS MS66FB
10c 1990-S PCGS PR69DCAM
10c 1991-D PCGS MS63
10c 1992-P PCGS MS66
10c 1992-D PCGS MS66
10c 1993-P PCGS MS65
10c 1993-D PCGS MS64
10c 1993-D PCGS MS63 (2)
10c 1994-P PCGS MS66
10c 1995-S PCGS PR69DCAM
10c 1995-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
10c 1996-W PCGS MS67
10c 1996-W PCGS MS66
10c 1999-P PCGS MS68
10c 2001-D PCGS MS68
10c 2001-D PCGS MS64FB
10c 2003-P PCGS MS65
10c 2003-D PCGS MS67FB
10c 2004-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
10c 2005-P PCGS MS68 SF
10c 2005-D PCGS MS67 SF
10c 2005-S PCGS PR69DCAM
10c 2006-D PCGS MS65FB
10c 2006-D PCGS MS69 SF
10c 2008-S Silver PCGS PR69DCAM
H10c 1857 PCGS VF30
5c 1936 PCGS MS60 (Looks Better-IMO Net Grade for Scratch on Rev.)
5c 1936-D PCGS MS65 (OGH)
5c 1938 PCGS MS65FS (from bstat1020)
5c 1938 PCGS MS64
5c 1938 PCGS MS63FS
5c 1938 PCGS MS63
5c 1938 PCGS PR65
5c 1938-S PCGS MS64
5c 1939 Rev'38 PCGS MS63
5c 1939 Rev'40 PCGS MS65 (2)
5c 1939 Rev'38 PCGS PR64
5c 1939-D Rev'38 PCGS AU58
5c 1939-S Rev'38 PCGS Genuine
5c 1939-S Rev'38 PCGS MS63
5c 1939-S Rev'38 PCGS AU58
5c 1940 PCGS MS65
5c 1940 PCGS MS62
5c 1940 PCGS PR65
5c 1940 PCGS PR64
5c 1940-D PCGS MS64
5c 1940-S PCGS MS65
5c 1941 PCGS MS65
5c 1941 PCGS PR64
5c 1941-D PCGS MS65
5c 1941-D PCGS MS62FS
5c 1942 T1 PCGS MS63
5c 1942-P T2 PCGS MS65
5c 1942-P T2 PCGS PR64 (Rattler)
5c 1942-D PCGS MS64 (2)
5c 1942-S PCGS MS65
5c 1942-S PCGS MS64
5c 1943-P PCGS MS65
5c 1943-D PCGS MS65FS (2)
5c 1943-S PCGS MS64
5c 1944-P PCGS MS64FS
5c 1944-P PCGS MS64
5c 1944-P PCGS MS63
5c 1944-D PCGS MS66FS
5c 1944-S PCGS MS66
5c 1945-P PCGS MS66 (Benson Pedigree)
5c 1945-D PCGS MS65FS
5c 1945-S PCGS MS64
5c 1946-D PCGS MS65
5c 1947-D PCGS MS66
5c 1948-S PCGS MS64
5c 1948-S PCGS AU58
5c 1950 PCGS PR65 (Toned)
5c 1950-D PCGS MS64FS (2)
5c 1950-D PCGS MS63FS
5c 1951 PCGS PR65
5c 1952 PCGS PR65
5c 1953 PCGS PR66
5c 1953-S PCGS MS65
5c 1954 PR67
5c 1955 PCGS MS64
5c 1955-D PCGS MS64
5c 1957 PCGS MS63
5c 1957 PCGS PR67
5c 1958 PCGS MS63
5c 1959 PCGS MS64
5c 1959 PCGS MS63 (Toned)
5c 1959 PCGS PR67
5c 1959-D PCGS MS64
5c 1960 PCGS PR66CAM
5c 1961 PCGS PR67
5c 1961-D PCGS MS63
5c 1962 PCGS MS64
5c 1963 PCGS PR68CAM
5c 1963 PCGS PR68
5c 1963 PCGS PR66
5c 1964 PR68CAM
5c 1964 PCGS PR68
5c 1965 PCGS MS63
5c 1965 SMS PCGS MS66
5c 1966 SMS PCGS MS67
5c 1966 SMS PCGS MS66
5c 1967 SMS PCGS MS66
5c 1968-D PCGS MS64
5c 1968-S PCGS MS64
5c 1970-D PCGS MS64 (2)
5c 1970-S PCGS MS64
5c 1970-S PCGS PR68CAM
5c 1970-S PCGS PR67
5c 1971 PCGS MS65FS
5c 1971 PCGS MS64FS
5c 1971-D PCGS MS64FS
5c 1971-S ICG PR69DCAM
5c 1971-S PCGS PR68CAM
5c 1971-S PCGS PR67 (2)
5c 1971-S PCGS PR66CAM
5c 1972-D PCGS MS64
5c 1972-S PCGS PR68CAM
5c 1972-S PCGS PR67DCAM
5c 1972-S PCGS PR67
5c 1972-S PCGS PR66CAM
5c 1973 PCGS MS64FS (2)
5c 1973-D PCGS MS65 (2)
5c 1973-D PCGS MS64FS
5c 1973-D PCGS MS64
5c 1973-S PCGS PR66DCAM
5c 1974 PCGS MS64 (2)
5c 1974-D PCGS MS64
5c 1975-D PCGS MS64
5c 1976 PCGS MS64
5c 1976-D PCGS MS63
5c 1976-S PCGS PR69CAM
5c 1977 PCGS MS64
5c 1977-D PCGS MS64FS
5c 1977-S PCGS PR68DCAM
5c 1978 PCGS MS64 (2)
5c 1978-S PCGS PR69DCAM
5c 1981-D PCGS MS65
5c 1981-D PCGS MS64 (2)
5c 1981-S T2 PCGS PR68DCAM
5c 1982-P PCGS MS64
5c 1982-P PCGS MS64
5c 1982-D PCGS MS63
5c 1982-S PCGS PR69DCAM (L S Brown Pedigree)
5c 1985-P PCGS MS65FS
5c 1985-P PCGS MS64FS
5c 1985-D PCGS MS65
5c 1985-S PCGS PR69DCAM
5c 1986-P PCGS MS65
5c 1987-D PCGS MS64FS
5c 1988-P PCGS MS65FS
5c 1988-P PCGS MS63FS
5c 1989-D PCGS MS64FS
5c 1990-P PCGS MS64FS (2)
5c 1991-P PCGS MS64FS
5c 1991-P PCGS MS64
5c 1992-S PCGS PR69DCAM
5c 1993-D PCGS MS64FS
5c 1994-P PCGS MS64FS
5c 1994-P PCGS SMS MS69FS
5c 1994-D PCGS MS63FS
5c 1996-D PCGS MS64FS
5c 1997-D PCGS MS63FS
5c 1998-P PCGS MS64FS
5c 1998-P PCGS MS63FS
5c 2001-S PCGS PR68DCAM
5c 2003-P PCGS MS64FS
5c 2003-D PCGS MS64FS
5c 2003-D PCGS MS63FS
5c 2004-P PM PCGS MS65
5c 2005-P Bison PCGS MS68SF
5c 2005-P Bison PCGS MS67SF
5c 2005-D Bison PCGS MS67SF
5c 2005-D Bison PCGS MS66SF
5c 2005-S Bison PCGS PR69DCAM
5c 2005-P WW PCGS MS67 SF
5c 2005-D WW PCGS MS67 SF
5c 2005-D WW PCGS MS66 SF (2)
5c 2006-P PCGS MS68FS SF (2)
5c 2006-P PCGS MS67FS SF
5c 2006-D PCGS MS68 SF
5c 2007-S PCGS PR69DCAM
1c 1919-S PCGS AU55 (from TorinoCobra71)
1c 1922-D PCGS F15
1c 1927-D PCGS Genuine (94)
1c 1936-D PCGS MS64RD
1c 1936-S PCGS MS64RD
1c 1939 PCGS PR63RD
1c 1940 PCGS XF40
1c 1942 PCGS PR64RD
1c 1942 PCGS PR63RD
1c 1945 PCGS MS65RD (2)
1c 1945-S PCGS MS65RD
1c 1948 PCGS MS64RD
1c 1949-D PCGS MS66RD
1c 1949-S PCGS MS65RD
1c 1950 PCGS PR64BN (Toned)
1c 1950 PCGS PR63RB
1c 1951 PCGS PR65RD
1c 1951 PCGS PR64RD
1c 1952-D PCGS MS64RD
1c 1953 PCGS PR65RD (Rattler)
1c 1954 PCGS PR66RD (2)
1c 1954 PCGS PR65CAM
1c 1955 PCGS PR63RD
1c 1955-D PCGS MS65RD
1c 1955-S NTC MS67RD
1c 1955-S PCGS MS66RD
1c 1956 PCGS PR67RD (2)
1c 1956 PCGS PR66RD
1c 1957 PCGS PR64RD
1c 1959 PCGS PR67RD
1c 1959 PCGS PR66RD
1c 1960 LD PCGS PR67RD
1c 1960 LD PCGS PR66RD
1c 1960-D SD PCGS MS64RD
1c 1961 PCGS MS65RD
1c 1961 PCGS PR67RD
1c 1961 PCGS PR66RD
1c 1962 PCGS MS65RD
1c 1962 PCGS PR67RD
1c 1963 PCGS PR69RD CAM
1c 1964 PCGS MS65RD
1c 1964 PCGS PR67DCAM
1c 1965 PCGS MS64RD
1c 1966 PCGS MS63RB
1c 1967 PCGS MS64RD
1c 1967 SMS PCGS MS65RD
1c 1968-D PCGS MS65RD (2)
1c 1969-D PCGS MS65RD
1c 1970-S SD PCGS MS63RD
1c 1970-S LD PCGS MS64RD
1c 1970-S LD PCGS PR67RD
1c 1970-S LD PCGS PR64RD CAM
1c 1971 PCGS MS65RD
1c 1971-S PCGS PR68RD CAM
1c 1971-S PCGS PR67RD CAM
1c 1972-D PCGS MS64RD
1c 1972-S NGC PF68RD CAM
1c 1973-D PCGS MS64RD
1c 1973-S PCGS MS64RD
1c 1973-S PCGS PR68DC
1c 1973-S PCGS PR65RD CAM
1c 1974-D PCGS MS64RD
1c 1974-S PCGS MS63RD
1c 1974-S PCGS PR67RD CAM
1c 1975-S PCGS PR66RD CAM
1c 1975-S PCGS PR65RD CAM
1c 1976-D PCGS MS64RD
1c 1976-S PCGS PR64RD
1c 1977 PCGS MS65RD
1c 1979-D PCGS MS64RD
1c 1979-S T2 PCGS PR66RD CAM
1c 1980-D PCGS MS65RD
1c 1982 PCGS MS67RD
1c 1983 PCGS MS66RD (2)
1c 1984-D PCGS MS66RD
1c 1986-D PCGS MS66RD
1c 1987 PCGS MS66RD
1c 1988 PCGS MS65RD
1c 1989 PCGS MS64RD
1c 1989-D PCGS MS66RD
1c 1992 PCGS MS66RD (2)
1c 1994 PCGS MS66RD
1c 1994-D PCGS MS66RD
1c 1994-D PCGS MS65RD
1c 1997-D PCGS MS66RD
1c 2002-D PCGS MS67RD
1c 2005 PCGS MS68RD SF
1c 2007-S PCGS PR69RD DCAM
1/2c 1828 13 Stars PCGS Genuine (97 - Environmental Damage) (from slinc)

$1 1996 SAE PCGS MS68
$1 1994-P SAE PCGS PR69DCAM (2)
$1 2005 SAE PCGS MS69 (20TH ANNIV)
$1 2006 SAE PCGS MS69 (First Strike)
$1 2007 SAE PCGS MS69 (First Strike)

Raw SAE's Complete with Packaging & COA

Proof Sets with OGP
1972 (2)
1980 (1)
1981 (3)
1983 (8)
1984 (6)
1987 (4)
1989 (1)
1992 (1)
1996 (1)
2000 Clad (10)
2000 Silver (1)
2003 Clad (3)
2003 Silver (4)

Group of Proof SHQ, NO Packaging, Just Plastic Cases
2000 thru 2006
BOTH Clad & Silver except for the Silver 2001 & 2006
12 Sets in all; 7 Clad & 5 Silver

Mint Sets
1976 Silver (Red Package w/COA) (6)

1946 Iowa Commemorative AU obverse, reverse (from Millertime)

$10.50 in Barber dimes
$8.75 in Barber quarters
$2.50 in Barber halves
$16.75 in SL quarters
$7.20 in Merc Dimes
$17.80 in Roosie (Silver) Dimes


2 Complete Fraklin Half Sets


Partial Walker Half Set
Dates are 1917, '17-S Rev, '18-S, '20-S, '23-S, '34 to '35-D, '36 to 37, '37-S, '38, '39 to '47-D
41 Coins - $20.50 face



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