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Space Shuttle Discovery $5 Coin commerative Cover

This is a truly unbeliveable two for one deal! You get an gem beauty proof like uncirculated $5 silver colored US Marshall Island Commerative coin of the space shuttle Discovery launch on a first day cover E (for earth) stamp; first day cover canceled September 29, 1988 at the Kennedy Space Center Post Office, 32815. But that is not all stamp fans; this mint cover and coin is housed in a genuine leatherette holder from Fleetwood, and a COA signed by Fleetwood President James A. Helzer!

This rare specimen had only one previous owner; a little grey haired old man that carried it to church on Sundays for good luck. It worked for 20 years too; unfortunately he was hit by a bus last Sunday. He must sell to pay medical bills; please make a reasonable offer and do not take advantage of a poor crippled old man.





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