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Virtual TAG #3 Has Started****New Participants Always Welcome


This one will run for just over 1 Month, November 12th - Dec 14th, making for a nice Christmas for us coin nuts.
All I ask is that packages be shipped so that they arrive in time for Christmas....no Scrooges.


Those that have been in my previous Virtual Tags know the routine, fairly simple.
Those that have yet to try it and would like to understand how it work, here are the rules:

Virtual Tag Rules:

1) Coins listed should remain in the Tag for the duration of the Tag.
Just making it fair to all that participate here.
This is a (virtual) 'Tag', not a trade post for someone to 'snipe' a coin away without being a participant.
More coins may be added at any time, possibly to make a 'Tag' with another member possible, but once added the coin(s) need remain in the Tag.
Please PM me with your additions so as to keep this post as short as possible.
**1a) Participants, please do not entertain offers for the coins you have listed unless the member has coins listed on this tag, although the coins may be different than the ones offered you.
Once the Tag is agreed upon, those 'different' coins need to be added to the Tag list.
--Remember, even though the coins are listed in the Tag, the 'owner' does NOT have to agree to Tag them again.

2) There is no restriction on the type of coins included.
Slabbed, Raw, Classic, Modern, even Darkside are all welcome.
Just be honest in the description of the coin(s) involved, especially raw coins.
Pictures are nice when dealing with raw coinage if it is a better date/series.

3) Participants should deal directly with the ‘owner’ of the coin, regardless of who ‘holds’ the coin.
In other words, if a deal has been made for a coin, the original coin owner is now just the ‘holder’ of the coin, and there is a new ‘owner’.
If you are interested in this coin, deal with the new ‘owner’.
I will list coins by ‘owner’, and list the ‘holder’ of the coin in parenthesis to keep track of coin's status.
I must be contacted when a TAG is made.
This is to keep the list of 'Holder' & 'Owner' up to date.

4) There is no set guide for values.
I would suggest recent completed auctions as a basis (eBay, Heritage, TT, etc.), but in the end the 2 members should do their homework before agreeing on the Tag.
Because the coin(s) may continue to be Tagged, please be sure you are agreeable with the Tag before saying OK.

5) Want lists welcome.
This Tag has an emphasis on helping with sets, whether registry or personal. There will be a link to the participants’ want list. This way others can add coins if they see another member wants a coin they may have that is not currently on their Tag. Again, the coins have to stay in the Tag until the Tag is over, but the ‘owner’ only has to entertain offers, not accept it.

6) Sign-Ups being taken up to the end of the TAG. New blood is always welcome.
No need for 'Approval'. Once the TAG is over the 2 persons involved in a TAG exchange info just like a regular trade.
If someone has a 'feeling' about another member, JUST SAY NO.

7) Once the TAG has officially ended, the 'owner' of the coin contacts the 'holder' of the coin(or vise-versa).
Information is exchanged & the coin is shipped to the new 'owner'.
Very much a trade scenario at this point, but the coins involved may not be a simple 'yours-for-mine' as coins may have been tagged multiple times.
Don't worry, I will keep track of who has what, as long as I'm informed when a TAG is made.

Unless it's a really small TAG value-wise, insure.
Sender is responsible for delivery. If something happens & the package never arrives to it's intended destination, sender is responsible for the return of coins or an outright purchase.

9) Satisfaction Guarantee
Should go without saying, but the recipient should be happy with the tag, so all members participating need to agree on a 'no-questions asked' return policy.
AND all members must agree to 'once opened' the coin is 'sold'. 'Opened' policy mainly applies to raw coins, but you get the idea. If you don't like the coin, tell the member who sent it to you right away.
If one member does not like the coin(s), but the other does, maybe a purchase can be arranged......but that's up to the 2 participants.


If you have Photos, I will throw a link onto the description of the coin if you email me with the links.
This way I can copy & paste, even if it's a link to a CU hosted image.

PLEASE PM me if you have any questions, I am trying to keep this post as clean as possible.
Those that would like to try this out, please PM me with the coins that you would like included.
I will copy & paste the PM into the post, or link, depending on the number of participants.

Since this takes a bit of doing to get the TAG set-up....links, pictures & the like....I am starting this TAG next Friday, Oct. 2nd.
If you'd like to participate, get you list going now.

Lastly, to help me out with 'copy & paste', I'd like to request that your list be formatted as such...
Graded coin first....
$1 1884-O PCGS MS63 (Nice Obv Toning)
Denomination first (starting with the highest denomination)
Grading Service
SMALL Comment if needed.

Then RAW coins.

Lastly if you have a want list, add that.

There it is!!
Sign ups being taken as of now.


  • I can't join this V-tag. image

    All my stuff is out in my tag.

    OH WELL!!!!!!

    (Old man) Look I had a lovely supper, and all I said to my wife was, “That piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah”.

    (Priest) BLASPHEMY he said it again, did you hear him?
  • morganbarbermorganbarber Posts: 1,821 ✭✭✭
    I have no idea how much material I will have available, but certainly am willing to participate. I assume the true start date will be set once more interest has been expressed.
    I collect circulated U.S. silver
  • ajiaajia Posts: 5,400 ✭✭✭
    You are correct morganbarber.
    Not sure if it's the economy, lack of general interest, etc.

    Maybe a push for Nov?
  • ajiaajia Posts: 5,400 ✭✭✭
    How about a month long Pre-Christmas Tag?
    This would give us a week & a half to get the packages before Christmas.
  • ajiaajia Posts: 5,400 ✭✭✭

    $1 1879-CC Cap Die (VAM-3) ANACS VF30 Details-Rim Damage
    $1 1880-S PCGS MS65 (Very Nice Obv Toning)
    $1 1881-S ICG MS65
    $1 1881-S PCGS MS64
    $1 1882-O PCGS XF45 (Touch of Obv Toning @ 11)
    $1 1884-O PCGS MS63 (Nice Obv Toning)
    $1 1885 PCGS MS64
    $1 1888 PCGS MS64
    $1 1889-CC PCGS Genuine '98'
    $1 1891-O PCGS Genuine '98'

    $1 1892 PCGS AU53
    $1 1895-O PCGS Genuine '98'
    $1 1899 PCGS MS62
    $1 1899-O PCGS MS64
    $1 1900 PCGS MS64
    $1 1904-O PCGS MS62 (Golden Rim Toning)
    $1 1921 Morgan VAM-13 ANACS MS62
    $1 1922-S PCGS AU55
    $1 1923-D PCGS AU58
    $1 1927-D PCGS XF45
    $1 1934-D PCGS AU58
    $1 1971 PCGS MS63
    $1 1971-D PCGS MS65 (2)
    $1 1971-S Silver PCGS MS66
    $1 1971-S Silver PCGS MS65
    $1 1971-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
    $1 1972 Type1 PCGS MS64 (2)
    $1 1972 Type1 PCGS MS63 (2)
    $1 1972 Type1 PCGS MS62 (2)
    $1 1972-D PCGS MS65
    $1 1972-D PCGS MS64
    $1 1973-D PCGS MS64
    $1 1974 PCGS MS63
    $1 1974-S PCGS PR69CAM
    $1 1974-S PCGS PR68DCAM (Rim Haze)
    $1 1974-S PCGS PR67CAM
    $1 1976 PCGS MS64 T2
    $1 1976-S Silver PCGS MS66
    $1 1976-S Clad PCGS PR68DCAM T1
    $1 1976-S Clad PCGS PR66CAM T1
    $1 1976-S Clad PCGS PR67DCAM T2
    $1 1976-S Silver PCGS PR66CAM
    $1 1976-S Silver PCGS PR65DCAM
    $1 1977 PCGS MS64 (2)
    $1 1977-S PCGS PR68DCAM
    $1 1977-S PCGS PR67CAM
    $1 1978 PCGS MS65 (OGH)
    $1 1978-D PCGS MS64
    $1 1979-P Wide Rim PCGS MS64
    $1 1979-P Wide Rim PCGS MS62
    $1 1979-S Type 2 PCGS PR68DCAM
    $1 1980-S PCGS PR68DCAM
    $1 1981-P PCGS MS65
    $1 1981-P PCGS MS64
    $1 1981-S PCGS MS64
    $1 1981-S PCGS PR69DCAM T1
    $1 1981-S PCGS PR65DCAM T1
    $1 1981-S PCGS PR64DCAM T1
    $1 2000-P PCGS MS67
    $1 2003-S PCGS PR69DCAM
    $1 2005-P PCGS MS67SF
    $1 2006-P PCGS MS67SF
    $1 2006-D PCGS MS67SF
    $1 2007-D PCGD MS66
    50c 1921-S PCGS G6
    50c 1934 PCGS AU58
    50c 1944 PCGS MS64
    50c 1946-D PCGS MS65
    50c 1946-D PCGS MS64
    50c 1947 PCGS MS64
    50c 1948-D PCGS MS63FBL
    50c 1949-D PCGS MS62FBL
    50c 1949-S PCGS AU55
    50c 1953 PCGS MS63
    50c 1954 PCGS MS63 (Rim Toning)
    50c 1954 PCGS PR66
    50c 1954-D PCGS MS64FBL
    50c 1954-D PCGS MS64
    50c 1954-S PCGS MS64FBL (2)
    50c 1955 PCGS MS64FBL
    50c 1955 PCGS MS64
    50c 1955 PCGS PR67
    50c 1955 PCGS PR66
    50c 1956 PCGS MS65FBL
    50c 1956 PCGS PR67 T2
    50c 1956 PCGS PR65 T2
    50c 1957 PCGS MS63FBL
    50c 1957 PCGS PR68
    50c 1957 PCGS PR65 Speckled Toning
    50c 1957 PCGS PR65
    50c 1958 PCGS MS65
    50c 1958 PCGS PR65
    50c 1959 PCGS PR67
    50c 1960 PCGS PR65 (OGH)
    50c 1961 PCGS PR67CAM
    50c 1961 PCGS PR67
    50c 1962 PCGS MS64 (Toned)
    50c 1962 PCGS PR68
    50c 1962 PCGS PR66CAM
    50c 1962 PCGS PR65CAM
    50c 1962-D PCGS MS64FBL
    50c 1963 PCGS PR65 (Rattler Holder)
    50c 1963 PCGS PR64
    50c 1963-D ANACS MS64 Toned
    50c 1964 PCGS MS64 (Toning from 11-1)
    50c 1964 PCGS PR66
    50c 1964 AH PCGS PR65
    50c 1964 AH PCGS PR64
    50c 1964 AH PCGS PR62
    50c 1965 PCGS MS64
    50c 1965 PCGS SMS MS66
    50c 1965 PCGS SMS MS65
    50c 1966 PCGS SMS MS67CAM
    50c 1966 PCGS SMS MS65
    50c 1967 PCGS MS62
    50c 1967 PCGS SMS MS67
    50c 1967 PCGS SMS MS65CAM
    50c 1967 PCGS SMS MS64
    50c 1968-D PCGS MS65
    50c 1968-S PCGS PR69CAM
    50c 1968-S PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 1968-S PCGS PR67CAM
    50c 1969-D PCGS MS64 (2)
    50c 1969-D PCGS MS63
    50c 1969-S PCGS PR69DCAM
    50c 1969-S PCGS PR68CAM
    50c 1969-S PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 1970-D PCGS MS64 (3)
    50c 1970-D PCGS MS63
    50c 1970-D PCGS MS62
    50c 1970-S PCGS PR69CAM
    50c 1970-S PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 1970-S PCGS PR67CAM
    50c 1971-D PCGS MS66
    50c 1971-S PCGS PR68
    50c 1973-S PCGS MS69DCAM
    50c 1973-S PCGS PR68CAM
    50c 1976-D Clad PCGS MS64
    50c 1976-S Silver PCGS PR67CAM
    50c 1976-S Silver PCGS PR66DCAM
    50c 1977-D PCGS MS64
    50c 1977-S PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 1978-S PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 1980-S PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 1981-S PCGS PR68DCAM T1
    50c 1981-S PCGS PR65CAM T2
    50c 1982-S PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 1983-S PCGS PR69DCAM
    50c 1984-S PCGS PR69DCAM
    50c 1985-D PCGS MS66
    50c 1985-S PCGS PR69DCAM
    50c 1986-S PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 1987-S PCGS PR69DCAM
    50c 1988-S PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 1989-P PCGS MS65
    50c 1989-P PCGS MS64
    50c 1989-D PCGS AU58
    50c 1989-S PCGS PR69DCAM
    50c 1991-P PCGS MS63
    50c 1991-D PCGS MS64
    50c 1994-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM (2)
    50c 1995-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 1995-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 1997-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 1997-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 1998-S Silver PCGS PR66DCAM
    50c 1999-P Silver PCGS MS66
    50c 1999-D Silver PCGS MS64 (2)
    50c 1999-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 2000-S Silver PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 2001-D PCGS MS66
    50c 2001-S PCGS PR68DCAM
    50c 2002-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 2003-S Silver PCGS PR67DCAM
    50c 2004-P PCGS MS65
    50c 2004-S Silver PCGS PR66DCAM
    25c 1928 PCGS G04
    25c 1947 PCGS MS64
    25c 1948 PCGS MS63
    25c 1949 PCGS MS64
    25c 1950 PCGS PR65 (Old Holder-Between Rattler & OGH)
    25c 1954 PCGS PR67
    25c 1954 PCGS PR66
    25c 1956 PCGS PR67
    25c 1956 PCGS PR66
    25c 1960 PCGS PR65CAM
    25c 1963 PCGS PR67DCAM
    25c 1965 SMS PCGS MS66
    25c 1967 SMS PCGS MS66
    25c 1970-D PCGS MS66
    25c 1972-S PCGS PR67DCAM
    25c 1988-P PCGS MS63
    25c 1993-D PCGS MS64
    25c 1999-S Silver DE PCGS PR68DCAM
    25c 1999-S Silver GA PCGS PR68DCAM
    25c 1999-S Silver NJ PCGS PR67DCAM
    25c 2000-P VA PCGS MS66
    25c 2001-P NC PCGS MS66
    25c 2003-D MO PCGS MS66 (Flag)
    25c 2003-D MO PCGS MS65
    25c 2003-D AR PCGS MS66
    25c 2004-D MI PCGS MS66
    25c 2004-D FL PCGS MS66
    25c 2005-D CA PCGS MS68 SF
    25c 2005-D CA PCGS MS66
    25c 2005-D MN PCGS MS68 SF
    10c 1921-D PCGS G04
    10c 1946 PCGS MS64
    10c 1947-D PCGS MS64
    10c 1947-S PCGS MS66 (2-Rim toning both sides- golden toning reverse on 1; SLIGHT Rim toning on other)
    10c 1948 PCGS MS65 (Toned)
    10c 1949-S PCGS MS64 (Slight Toning)
    10c 1950 PCGS MS64 (Toned)
    10c 1050 PCGS PR65CAM
    10c 1950 PCGS PR64 (Nice Rim Toning)
    10c 1950-S PCGS MS65
    10c 1950-S PCGS MS64
    10c 1951 PCGS MS66 (Heavy Toning Both Sides)
    10c 1951 PCGS PR67
    10c 1951-S PCGS MS66 (White)
    10c 1952-S PCGS MS65 (Toned)
    10c 1953 PCGS PR66CAM
    10c 1953 PCGS PR64 (Slight Tone)
    10c 1954 PCGS PR64 (Tone)
    10c 1955 PCGS MS65 (Toned)
    10c 1955 PCGS PR64 (Toned)
    10c 1955-D PCGS MS66
    10c 1956 PCGS PR65 (Toned)
    10c 1957 NGC MS66 (Toned)
    10c 1957 PCGS PR64 (Toned)
    10c 1958 PCGS MS65 (Toned)
    10c 1958 PCGS PR66
    10c 1959 PCGS MS64 (Toned)
    10c 1959 PCGS PR64
    10c 1960 PCGS MS63 (Bullet Toning)
    10c 1961 PCGS MS66
    10c 1961 PCGS PR67
    10c 1961 NTC PR69CAM
    10c 1962 PCGS PR68
    10c 1962 PCGS PR67CAM
    10c 1962 PCGS PR67
    10c 1963 PCGS MS64 (Toned)
    10c 1963 PCGS PR66CAM
    10c 1964 PCGS PR69CAM
    10c 1964 PCGS PR68CAM
    10c 1964 PCGS PR68
    10c 1964-D PCGS MS64
    10c 1966 SMS PCGS MS66
    10c 1971 PCGS MS64
    10c 1972 PCGS MS64
    10c 1982-P PCGS MS65
    10c 1996-W PCGS MS67
    10c 1996-W PCGS MS66
    5c 1936 PCGS MS60 (Looks Better-IMO Net Grade for Scratch on Rev.)
    5c 1938 PCGS MS63
    5c 1939 Rev'40 PCGS MS65 (2)
    5c 1939-S Rev'38 PCGS MS63
    5c 1939-S Rev'38 PCGS AU58
    5c 1940-D PCGS MS64
    5c 1941 PCGS MS65
    5c 1942-D PCGS MS64
    5c 1942-S PCGS MS64
    5c 1944-P PCGS MS64FS
    5c 1944-P PCGS MS64
    5c 1944-P PCGS MS63
    5c 1944-D PCGS MS66FS
    5c 1948-S PCGS AU58
    5c 1950-D PCGS MS63FS
    5c 1954 PR67
    5c 1959 PCGS MS63 (Toned)
    5c 1963 PR68CAM
    5c 1963 PCGS PR68
    5c 1963 PCGS PR66
    5c 1964 PR68CAM
    5c 1964 PCGS PR68
    5c 1965 PCGS SMS MS66
    5c 1999 PCGS SMS MS67
    5c 1970-D PCGS MS64
    5c 1970-S PCGS PR67
    5c 1971 PCGS MS65FS
    5c 1971 PCGS MS64FS
    5c 1971-S ICG PR69DCAM
    5c 1971-S PCGS PR68CAM
    5c 1971-S PCGS PR67
    5c 1972 PCGS MS65
    5c 1972-S PCGS PR66CAM
    5c 1973 PCGS MS64FS
    5c 1973-D PCGS MS65
    5c 1973-D PCGS MS64 (2)
    5c 1974 PCGS MS64
    5c 1974-D PCGS MS64
    5c 1978 PCGS MS64
    5c 1981-D PCGS MS65
    5c 1981-D PCGS MS64
    5c 1985-P PCGS MS65FS
    5c 1985-P PCGS MS64FS
    5c 1986-P PCGS MS65
    5c 1988-P PCGS MS63FS
    5c 1990-P PCGS MS64FS
    5c 1991-P PCGS MS64
    5c 1994-P PCGS SMS MS69FS
    5c 1997-D PCGS MS63FS
    5c 1998-P PCGS MS63FS
    5c 2003-D PCGS MS63FS
    5c 2004-P PM PCGS MS65
    5c 2005-D WW PCGS MS66 SF
    5c 2006-P PCGS MS68FS SF
    1c 1922-D PCGS F15
    1c 1944-S PCGS MS66RD
    1c 1945 PCGS MS65RD
    1c 1949-D PCGS MS66RD
    1c 1953 PCGS PR65RD
    1c 1954 PCGS PR66RD
    1c 1954 PCGS PR65CAM
    1c 1954 PCGS PR66RD
    1c 1955 PCGS MS65RD
    1c 1955-S NTC MS67RD
    1c 1955 PCGS PR63RD
    1c 1956 PCGS PR67RD
    1c 1956-D ANACS MS65RD
    1c 1959 PCGS PR66RD
    1c 1960 LD PCGS PR66RD
    1c 1961 PCGS PR66RD
    1c 1963 PCGS PR68RD
    1c 1968-D PCGS MS65RD
    1c 1970-S SD PCGS MS63RD
    1c 1972-S NGC PF68RD CAM
    1c 1973-S PCGS PR68DC
    1c 1982 PCGS MS67RD
    1c 1983 PCGS MS66RD
    1c 2005 PCGS MS68RD SF

    $1 1996 SAE PCGSMS68
    $1 1994-P SAE PCGS PR69DCAM (3)
    $1 1994-P SAE PCGS PR68DCAM
    $1 2006 SAE PCGS MS69 (First Strike)
    $1 2007 SAE PCGS MS69 (First Strike)

    1997 Botanical C&C Set (Complete)

    Proof Sets (Complete):

    Prestige Proof Sets:
  • MillertimeMillertime Posts: 2,048 ✭✭
    Here's what I have available.

    Certified Coins:

    1967 Lincoln Cent Error ANACS AU58 (misaligned dies)

    1938-D Buffalo Nickel ANACS MS65 - $50 obverse, reverse
    2005-D Jefferson Nickel (Bison) MS64 - $5

    1964 Roosevelt Dime PCGS PR67
    1972-S Roosevelt Dime ICG PR69
    1996-S Roosevelt Dime ICG PR70DCAM

    1914 Barber Quarter NGC XF45 obverse, reverse
    1971-S Washington Quarter PCGS PR66
    1973-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS65
    1974-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS64
    1978-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS64
    1989-P Washington Quarter PCGS MS64

    MS Statehood Quarters (PCGS no flag holders) that are NOT part of the registry set listed below:
    1999-P Georgia MS64
    2000-D South Carolina MS64
    2000-P New Hampshire MS64
    2001-D New York MS65
    2001-D Vermont MS66
    2001-P Rhode Island MS64
    2001-P North Carolina MS66
    2002-P Mississippi MS64
    2002-D Louisiana MS66
    2002-P Louisiana MS66
    2002-D Indiana MS65
    2003-D Missouri MS66
    2005-P West Virginia MS68 Satin Finish

    PR State Quarters (PCGS no flag holders)
    2000-S Maryland PR69DCAM
    2000-S South Carolina PR69DCAM
    2000-S Virginia PR69DCAM Silver
    2003-S Arkansas PR69DCAM
    2003-S Illinois PR69DCAM
    2003-S Missouri PR69DCAM
    2004-S Florida PR69DCAM Silver
    2004-S Texas PR69DCAM
    2005-S Oregon PR69DCAM Silver
    2006-S Nebraska PR68DCAM Silver

    Kennedy Half Dollars (PCGS)
    1971-S PR67CAM
    1972-S PR68CAM
    1976-S PR68CAM Silver
    1981-S PR68DCAM Type 1
    1981-S PR69DCAM Type 1
    1985-P MS65
    2000-S PR68CAM
    2005-S PR69DCAM (3)
    2005-S PR69DCAM Silver

    1977-D Eisenhower Dollar PCGS MS63
    2007-D George Washington Dollar PCGS FDI MS65
    2007-P George Washington Dollar PCGS FDI MS65
    2007-P John Adams Dollar NGC MS65
    2007-S Thomas Jefferson NGC P69UCAM

    2007-W Silver Eagle NGC Early Releases MS70 (with mint box)

    Raw Coins:

    1817 Large Cent AG - $15 obverse, reverse
    1838 Large Cent F - $25 obverse, reverse

    1946 Iowa Commemorative AU - $75 obverse, reverse

    World Coins:

    1962 Canada 1962 5c ANACS MS66 PL - $15


    I received these in place of a couple of PCGS CC Morgans I won on eBay, luckily PayPal ruled in my favor and every cent of my money was refunded.
    1976-P Lincoln Cent GCGS MS69
    2005-P Nickel GCGS MS69

    Registry Sets:

    20th Century Type Set, No Gold (all rattlers) (white rattler storage box included, not easy to find)
    War Nickel Registry Set
    Washington Statehood Quarter Registry Set

    Trades for bust, seated, barber or Roosevelt dimes (PCGS only please) that I need for my Complete Dime Set would be preferred.
  • Musky1011Musky1011 Posts: 3,899 ✭✭✭✭
    I will join
    have a few I will post later
    ANACS 1c 1863 MS63
    die chip right top of shield
    NGC H10C 1834 AU58
    NGC 1/2 Penny Conder 1794 MS65BN
    PCGS 25C 1853 arrows and rays XF40
    Looking for some old gold
    Pilgrim Clock and Gift Shop.. Expert clock repair since 1844

    Menomonee Falls Wisconsin USA

    http://www.pcgs.com/SetRegistr...dset.aspx?s=68269&ac=1">Musky 1861 Mint Set
  • morganbarbermorganbarber Posts: 1,821 ✭✭✭
    Here is my list of coins available the tag:

    $1 2007 SAE NGC MS69
    $1 1878 8TF ANACS MS61 (Blue insert. Obv. Clash, unsure of VAM)
    $1 1880-P ICG MS61 (Believe to be, VAM 50A)
    $1 1879-P ANACS MS63 (Blue insert, nice for the grade, peripheral toning)
    $1 1883-O PCGS MS 62 DMPL (Blue insert, white coin)
    $1 1883-O ANACS MS61 VAM 36-A E Rev. Hot 50 on holder (blue insert)
    $1 1886-P PCGS MS63 (Green insert. Clash & obverse die breaks)
    $1 1896-P PCGS MS 63 AU 58 (Blue insert)
    50c 1958-D PCGS MS63
    50c 1960 PCGS MS62
    50c 1961-D PCGS MS63
    5c 1940-P PCGS MS65
    5c 1941-P PCGS MS65
    5c 1941-D PCGS MS65

    I will entertain all offers, but what I most want, is to add to My Morgan set (fixxed link)
    I collect circulated U.S. silver
  • ajiaajia Posts: 5,400 ✭✭✭
    Guys, though you've listed items on this thread already, I am expecting you all to NOT entertain offers until the TAG officially begins in a couple of weeks.

    morganbarber, your link is not working correctly....at least for me & this place in time.
    Please try again, or let me know what registry & what number the set is in & the name of the set and I can link it.
  • Musky1011Musky1011 Posts: 3,899 ✭✭✭✭
    no offers to entertain yetimage
    Pilgrim Clock and Gift Shop.. Expert clock repair since 1844

    Menomonee Falls Wisconsin USA

    http://www.pcgs.com/SetRegistr...dset.aspx?s=68269&ac=1">Musky 1861 Mint Set
  • bstat1020bstat1020 Posts: 2,151 ✭✭
    Here is my list so far.

    $1 1879 S PCGS MS63
    $1 1880 S PCGS MS63
    $1 1881 S PCGS MS63
    $1 1980 P PCGS MS64
    10c 1945 D PCGS MS66 OGH
    5C 1938 P PCGS MS65FS

    UNCIRCULATED SETS: All are with OGP.
    (1) 1975
    (1) 1976
    (1) 1977
    (1) 1978
    (1) 1979
    (1) 1980w/ PDS Dollar Souvenir set
    (1) 1981
    (1) 1984
    (1) 1985
    (1) 1987
    (1) 1997
    (1) 1998
    (2) 2000
    (2) 2001
    (2) 2002
    (2) 2003
    (2) 2005
    (2) 2006
    (2) 2007

    Proof Sets with OGP
    (1) 2009
  • morganbarbermorganbarber Posts: 1,821 ✭✭✭
    So dealing is allowed as of midnight tonight? I am starting to get kind of excited.
    I collect circulated U.S. silver
  • ajiaajia Posts: 5,400 ✭✭✭
    morganbarber, if you can find someone awake.....GO FOR IT!

    Never hurts to have the first PM when someone log's in!

    Just remember....midnight on the East Coast is different than midnight on the West Coast! image

    Oh no, now I'm so confused. image

    If I get a PM that says 9:01pm, do I have to see where the member lives? image
    If I PM someone at midnight Pac. Time, will I get beat out by someone who PM'ed at midnight Eastern time? AAAHHHH image

    Only kidding....lets have some FUN......tic...toc....tic...toc....tic...toc....tic...toc....tic...toc....tic...toc....
  • morganbarbermorganbarber Posts: 1,821 ✭✭✭
    PM sent to ajia.
    I collect circulated U.S. silver
  • TorinoCobra71TorinoCobra71 Posts: 8,023 ✭✭✭
    I would like to join. I will PM a list to AJIA shortly.....


  • TorinoCobra71TorinoCobra71 Posts: 8,023 ✭✭✭
    AJIA says that I am in, and I have provided him with a list of coins that I have available for the virtual tag. Hopefully he will update shortfully.



  • List sent
  • BoomBoom Posts: 10,165
    I'm admittedly pretty much in the dark as to how this works.

    If someone would kindly drop me a PM explaining how it does
    I feel pretty confident I'd more than likely want to participate.


    Boom ~ image

    BTW - I HAVE read the "rules" in the link provided but am still a little unclear. image
  • ajiaajia Posts: 5,400 ✭✭✭

    PM sent with an analogy.

    Jump on in, the water's warm. image
  • BoomBoom Posts: 10,165
    Thank you for the explanation.

    Count me in & I'll come up with my list ASAP.

    Thanx! image
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