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Wabbit season! Duck season! Wabbit season! Duck season!... No, STAMP season!

Autumn is here, and after the philatelic death valley (at least here in the midwest) that is the spring and summer, the stamp show season is finally upon us.

After having to get my fix via online buying (and actually I've been concentrating more on coins than stamps in the off season), I'll get to go broke looking at stamps in person for a change. image

4 (semi) local shows within 2 months:

Sep. 26-27: CUPEX (Urbana, IL)

Oct. 3-4: MSDA Fall Show (Arlington Heights, IL)

Oct. 16-18: INDYPEX (Indianapolis, IN)

Nov. 20-22: Chicagopex (Arlington Heights, IL)

I'm actually pretty geeked up to start hitting shows again!

The spring and summer hasn't been entirely devoid of acquisitions. Here are two of my recent favorites:




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