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Hello all,

I am new to this forum, so thought first to introduce myself, i am Alvin Ralph from U.K, i am interested in Internet Surfing, Forum Posting, shopping and collecting autographs of celebs. even i thought forum discussion is on of the best way to enhance knowledge, that is why me joined this forum, i found this forum quiet informative as well interested, it is great to be a part of this forum.

Recently i visited an website it is everythingcollectible.com, this is the site for music and film memorabilia, specialising in Autographed Photos, Memorabilia, Signed Gold Discs/Records, Guitars, Guitar picks and many other rare collectibles, and the best part is that All the hand-signed items come with a certificate of authenticity, so that we never have guilt of purchasing an fake autograph, or not to worry about the signature, is this true or just an print out.

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