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Hungarian Overprint/Occupation Forgeries

Can someone advise me of a website or book that helps identify forgeries of Hungarian overprints and occupation issues? The Scott catalog mentions many times for many issues "numerous forgeries exist" or some such note, but never tells you how to tell the difference. A quick Google search provided little answers except for an identifier for some of the 1919 overprints as well as a book that was written by David Miles (I think) which now appears out of print. Any Hungarian collectors able to answer this? Thanks.


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    Try the Society for Hungarian Philately if you wish to collect the area - the fakes are not difficult to tell after you have handled the genuine. One tip is to buy genuine of the cheaper varieties and use those as comparables for the more expensive ones (or purchase only from a reputable dealer in teh area like Cherrystone Auctions). If you have a single item you are asking about, post an image. If I can't tell, I will know who to ask.
    Richard Frajola
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    Thanks for the info... Wasn't asking about a specific stamp; just trying to get a handle on what to look for. I've visited the website for the Society for Hungarian Philately, which has lots of great info, and will probably become a member.
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