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Scott 486 roll

Good Day! I picked up a partial roll of 1918 issue Wash. 1 cent Scott #486. They are rotary press by measurement ,greater than 22.5 mm. in length. The coil {vertical 10 perf.} measures 1 1/2 inches across diameter. I have no way of knowing how many are on the coil. I have held up to strong light to se if they could possibly be Scott 448, but can see no watermarks. I am new at this and am looking for the 3 sided marks on the side edges, and I may be missing them. Now the odd part...the outer 1/8" of the roll is affixed together as if moisture had gotten to them, but the center 1 1/4" of coil telescopes out nicely from the interior. Now...what in heaven's name do I do with them for the best value, if any? Do I leave as is and dare not take apart...take apart for pairs, and ,or look for good singles. Is it worth it eventually to go the graded route? I am a passive collector and am trying to educate myself. I have taken some off the outer edge...the glue is original, and holding fast. Thanks in advance for any help!
Thanks, Tony!


  • If you are going to break it up I would remove the unstuck part of the roll first. You should post some photos.
  • I agree with EDUEKU about carefully removing the inner stamps first. Things you could look for would be pasteup connections, line pairs and of course quality. Take the best centered ones and post pictures and someone will give you an opinion on if you should send it in.

    You said that you removed several from the outer part of the roll and you can use those to use fluid and check for watermarks.

  • Thanks, guys...I will unfurl and look for the best pairs. Tony! I sent this reply a little early...where can I see info on the best pairs to seek out?
    Thanks, Tony!
  • If you detach the good part (unstuck) you could always lay it on a scanner and put the scans on this thread so we can see them.
  • Thanks...I will try that...may take some time, though. Tony!
    Thanks, Tony!
  • It would be worth it to you if you want some learned opinions on centering, quality and value. There are several who can help here if you take time to post good pics. Here is a tip from me: wear disposable latex gloves(no oils) while handling the part you are trying to remove. This will prevent fingerprints on the gum, as well as transfer of finger oil which may devalue the stamps. Look forward to scans.
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