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Have I learned anything from stamp collecting?

The other day I asked myself if I have learned anything from stamp collecting besides history. After careful consideration I realized that I had learned several things that helped me greatly in my professional life. I definitely learned to be patient and that has helped me when I had to make crucial decisions. I learned to be observant of the smallest details and that helped prevent minor mistakes from getting by me. I think the most important thing I learned was how to research. I believe the last one was the most important to my professional career because I would know what I was talking about and was ready to defend my position with references. Would I have developed these positive traits without being a stamp collector? Who knows. I do know that it gave me a little edge up over others in my field. So thank you stamp collecting!!!! And some folks say it is for nerds.


  • Yay! For us NERDS!!!
  • I've never really considered myself a nerd but if stamp collecting is equivalent to a nerd then I guess I am super nerd.

    The people around me know that I am a stamp collector but I have never got the vibes that they think I am a nerd. I have always been outgoing, an organizer, and get things done sort of person.

    Maybe I need to talk to the local high school about presenting some of the positive personal traits that can be achieved through stamp collecting.

    Enough of this band wagon.

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