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My latest submission is done (edueku)

100577 F-VF 75, Used 297 1901 5c US
100590 XF 90J, Used 306 1902 8c US
100722 Superb 98, Used 391 1910 2c coil US
100722 Superb 98J, Mint OGh 391 1910 2c coil US
100722 XF 90, Mint OGnh 391 1910 2c coil US
100726 XF-Sup 95, Used 395 1912 4c coil US
100748 Superb 98, Mint OGnh 410 1912 1c coil US
100833 Superb 98, Used 483 1917 3c type I, imperf US
100927 XF-Sup 95J, Mint OGnh 530 1918 3c type IV US
100930 Superb 98, Used 531 1919 1c imperf US
100933 Superb 98, Used 534 1918 2c imperf, type Va US

Total Items: 11

Oh and a 535 imperf that I had resubmitted on a separate form(because it was too large for a capsule and too large to be graded originally)
only received a 95. It HAD to be like .00005 mm off to not get a 98 LOL. I never send imperfs in if I think they will grade lower than 98 since they don't even give "J" designations except for 100J anymore. At least it didn't cost me anything to resubmit.

The only bad grade is the top stamp which I had not checked, it was purchased from a reliable dealer, he must of just missed something on this, should have been a 90.

Overall better than I expected lots of 98's , knew I should have taken the hinge remnant off the 391 OGh that graded 98J so I coulda got a "PH" instead of an "H".
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