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257 8c Sherman XF 90 OGph on ebay if anyone is interested

257 NO reserve Free Shipping 1c start

Check it out it's a really nice mint example from the 1895 First Bureau issue unwatermarked.


  • Lost my shirt on that one! SMQ $270 final bid price $96, slightly over a 3rd of it's value! Probably one of the last of my 1c auctions on the more expensive stuff.
  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
    No-reserve auctions are a losing proposition, especially in the summer. I migrated from auctions to Stores listings with Best Offer several years ago and never looked back.

    I may not get moon money, but I control my downside risk.

    Another thing to keep in mind - graded stamps are still a niche market. 98%+ of stamp shoppers on eBay wouldn't know SMQ if they were hit in the head with it. They're referencing Scott. It's a recipe for disaster in my opinion.
  • A store is a good idea, I just keep putting it off.
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