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Philippine Victory Stamp

I should put this in the BST Stamp but there is nothing there. So because there are a few post I'll place it here.

I am a coin and currency collector, and in currency my primary collection is WWII Emergency notes. From those I came across Philippine Victory notes. In a purchase of Victory notes the seller added a Philippine Victory postcard which lead me to looking at my wifes stamp collection. From those stamps I am adding some US and German WWII related stamps into the collection.

What I would like to add is a Philippine Victory stamp. Is there anyone out there that has one?


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    If you go to ebay, stamps, and type in the search field for "philippines+victory", there are several listings you might be interested in. They all have the black victory overprint. The violet handstamped overprints are all rather expensive and there are none listed on ebay at this time.

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