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Must have Gismo for extra details or tired eyes

Hi all,i just came across this neat free magnifer,totally worth the small
download 750kb.i not had good play yet with it but if u rh click on the
taskbar icon,it takes the colour of stamp out & makes it sort of greenish.
Then u can can the postmarks very well.Enough BS from me,check it out.


Cheers & enjoy,works well with ebay pics


  • I have one like that on one of my computers but I keep forgetting to use it. Not sure of everything it was capable of doing but it sure did help looking at some stamps and covers.

    The real trick is remembering you have it and then use it.

    Thanks for posting the link. I will download it for my other computer.

  • I've been using this for years (on most PC's already) especially for online sales. Great for trying to pick up detail on small pictures to see dates faults etc.
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