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80-81 Topps Hockey Set Unscratched - Value??

I posted a previous thread asking about the value of an 83-84 OPC hockey set in which the cards were shrink wrapped. Thanks to all those that replied and helped to educate me in the hockey collecting arena.

I also picked up from the hockey collection I purchased a 1980/1981 Topps Hockey set in which the names are still hidden. That is, they are unscratched. I have enclosed a picture which shows, among other cards, the Ray Bourque RC.

Is there any difference in value between the scratched or unscratched sets for this year?

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    << <i>Is there any difference in value between the scratched or unscratched sets for this year? >>

    Yes. Scratched cards used to book for 50% less but I doubt you even could give them away these days. BTW, only Topps used the scratch-off gimmick. The 1980 OPC cards were made with the names revealed.
  • You want unscratched for sure. Still, the Topps set is missing the biggest rookie star of that year, Mark Messier. You have to go OPC to get the Mess! But you still get some HOFer RC star power with Bourque, Mike Gartner and Michel Goulet plus some others. I personally love the Topps set with the black out. I think it adds something interesting to the cards. Nice pickup, I hope you enjoy the set!
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    Ergo my 1974 cahones are worthless?
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    Thanks for the information everyone. I appreciate it.

  • MULLINS5MULLINS5 Posts: 4,517 ✭✭✭
    This set will probably bring no more than 200.00 if you listed it on eBay. BBCE (Baseball Card Exchange) sells these sets nm to nm-mt for 225.00 and is well worth it because BBCE is an extremely reliable source. BBCE 1980 TOPPS HOCKEY SET

    Whether you plan to keep the set or sell it, you absolutely should get the Bourque and Gretzky graded to provide authenticity and ease of mind to the potential buyer. Recently I purchased a Topps set for just above 200.00 and the cards were in very bad condition...the Bourque came back "trimmed" and the Gretzky was a 6 (described as PSA 8-9 worthy)

    You have a beautiful set though and if you would be willing to sell or trade the Bossy cards (25 and 204) I could either buy them from you (for a good seller's price) or trade you some already graded (I have a lot of 8's) as I am trying to upgrade these to 9's....the cards can be seen at the link in my signature page below.

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