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My next PSE submission

Here is my latest submission:

1 1 01204179 100577 297 1901 5c US
2 1 01204180 100590 306 1902 8c US
3 1 01204181 100722 391 1910 2c coil US
4 1 01204182 100722 391 1910 2c coil US
5 1 01204183 100722 391 1910 2c coil US
6 1 01204184 100726 395 1912 4c coil US
7 1 01204185 100748 410 1912 1c coil US
8 1 01204186 100833 483 1917 3c type I, imperf US
9 1 01204187 100924 529 1918 3c type III US
10 1 01204188 100930 531 1919 1c imperf US
11 1 01204189 100933 534 1918 2c imperf, type Va US

Not expecting super high grades , but hopefully some 90's and 95's. One of the 391's is a used example I hope to hit a 95 on. The other two are mint , one NH one OG, I think the OG will grade 90-95 and hoping for 85-90 on the NH. The 529 is easily a 98J IMO but has the very faintest trace of toning so maybe a 90J(It's the largest I have ever seen on this issue, I broke it from a NH plate block) The 306 I hope for a 90J on, it was graded 90 over 4 years ago with a not from Litle saying,"98 down to 90 for cancel." Actually the cancel is not THAT bad, and on the plus side Martha Washington's face is mostly untouched from the cancel. I'm hoping with PSE's refinements in grading I might squeak a "J" onto the grade if not a 95. It's easily in the top 2 or 3 of graded 306's (mint or used) I've seen in regard to centering. The 410 was from a previously graded MNH line pair (85) that I bought fairly cheaply. The line itself does not appear on the perfs of the top stamp which is VERY well centered, I hoping for 98-100 on this example(check out the top stamp and tell me what you think the cert # is 01193201 which can be viewed her through the cert verification function) The 297 is decent and with a neat unobtrusive cancel, realistically I think it's likely to be graded 90. The 483 will hopefully get a 98, the cancel is a bit heavy but neat, it has 100-100J centering but hope for at least a 98. The 531 and 534 anywhere between 95 and 100


  • This is what I have at PSE now.

    1 1 01203501 100159 65 1861 3c US
    2 1 01203502 100159 65 1861 3c US
    3 1 01203503 100363 184 1879 3c US
    4 1 01203504 100363 184 1879 3c US
    5 1 01203505 100363 184 1879 3c US
    6 1 01203506 100363 184 1879 3c US
    7 1 01203507 100363 184 1879 3c US
    8 1 01203508 100320 158 1873 3c US
    9 1 01203509 100363 184 1879 3c US
    10 1 01203510 100807 462 1916 1c US
    11 1 01203511 100320 158 1873 3c US

    Total Items: 11

    Date Received: 5/21/2009

    I don't really plan on sending in a lot for grading in the future but did want to find out how my thoughts compare to someone else's subjective view.

    The first 65 is the only one I feel confident will get above a 90. There are a couple of 184s that should receive jumbo.

    As you can see they received it on the 21st and I suppose I will see some results online in about 15 days.

    I put the 462 in just to have 11 stamps and I could always be surprised with a good grade.

  • I have a used 462 to send in soon came off a common letter, I'll be happy with a 95 for my registry set.

    Those tight margin classic stamps (before the large banknotes) are tough for me, usually if I send one in it comes back with a jumbo designator because I tend to send in only stamps that have really large margins,as I know these should get a decent grade.

    I have a 184 graded 95J , seems some of those banknotes have super sized margins, the small banknotes are much tougher, although there seems to be less general interest with those(except for me ) I have a 183 98J that is an extraordinary stamp to see.

    183 98J

    That 11th stamp helps with the 20% discount. I'm sure there are a lot of 11 stamp submissions lately : )

    Oh yeah are your stamps mint or used, most of mine are usually used except those for sale/trade.
  • All my stamps are used.

    After seeing your 183 I think I might have a couple of 184s that could pull a 98.

    You are very correct about the stamps prior to the bank notes and even the national bank notes are hard to find good margins. As you can probably guess, I specialize in the 3c bank notes and also have a fancy cancel collection of the A25 stamps.

    And Richard, if your reading this, your board has given me an appreciation for postal history and I have about 900 3c bank notes on cover with some interesting rates, post offices and the like. I would not dream of taking the stamps off the covers.

  • Well good luck with those Rolin maybe you can post some pics or links when they are finalized. So do you collect types plate varieties etc as well as on cover examples? You should post some photos of your favorite ones, definitely will liven up the board . Maybe even Richard will come over and visit for a spell if he sees there are older "postal history" covers being posted.

    Just realized I've just sent in my 20th PSE submission, probably not a lot compared to a dealer but still evenI surprised when I counted them.
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