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Is there a new SMQ?

I haven't gotten one for a long time, has anyone else gotten one recently? The last one I received was Winter 2009.


  • coverscovers Posts: 624
    Last week a new one arrived
    Richard Frajola
  • I also got mine just a few days ago.

  • I am aware that some people prefer to have this in print in front of them but the current SMQ is always available on line just by clicking on the "Quick Links" "PSE" button on the top right corner of this page. The only draw back is that PSE does not provide any information on when it was last updated. If anyone from PSE is reading this message, I would like to suggest that you place a statement at the top or bottom of the page that reads: "Last updated: _____________."

  • Rolin that's the problem I always had: It was rarely up to date. Besides I really don't like online lists (etc) that comprise more than one page(i.e. instruction manuals, stamp catalogues) It's so much easier to take a real book, flip through it at will, and find what you're looking for. I hate having to go back and forth online looking for the one page/category with the one stamp I want the value for. BTW,ever try to put something together from instructions online without printing it off first (nearly impossible) Ha ha
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