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Two (whoops- ONE!) nice slabbed MS nickel 3c pieces for trade (one a minor error)

Bear in mind that the images below are scans and not digital photographs (with all the limitations that implies).

1865 3C nickel ANACS MS62
A minor error with "Rim Cuds" noted on the label. Not enough of an error to command a premium, but neat, nonetheless, with the various cracks and cuds goin' on. $115 or trade for PCGS coins (see below)


1881 3C nickel NGC MS61
This one has MS63+ to MS64 eye appeal, in my opinion- no doubt it was just the one or two scattered tickmarks that brought it down to 61. It has a little additional luster not seen in these scans. $105 or trade for PCGS coins (see below) SOLD


Now, what sort of PCGS coins would I like in return, you ask?

Pretty much anything I don't already have HERE.
(Note that a few recent additions to the Registry set are not shown yet.)

Note that ironically, one of the coins I still need is a nickel 3c piece! Either of the ones above would have met my needs except for the fact they aren't in PCGS plastic. So despite their being nice coins, I'd just as soon swap 'em away instead of playing the crossover game.

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