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Need some assistance please - foreign collection

Hi, I got a box with several stamp books. There are a few Lichtenstein, the rest is German states, inflation, and 3rd Reich. Nothing certified. I'd like to ask for some help on the value of this thing (value as private transaction, shop transaction or ebay "take the box and do not e-mail me later" sale. )

If you could msg me your e-mail I'll send you a 8 mb zip file, or perhaps 2x 4 mb zip files with all the images.

Coinborg: Your distinctive coins will be added to my collection.
BS&T image : kryptonitecomics, PCcoins (2x), Spoon (7x), Coppercolor, Preussen (2x), Filamcoins, agentjim007, CB2597, DCW, 1960NYGiants
Ebay: + <waitin'> NEG: Chameleoncoins
NonBST/Ebay: image Rick's Coins
WTB: Toners, BU Darkside, Sovs & 20 Mark, LMU/SMU Gold.


  • I have looked at many of your stamps, but kind of got caught up in applying for school paperwork this week, will try to look again.
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