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PLATYNUM AUCTION, Once in life chance!!!

Find big treasures in this great Platynum Auction...

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And this is just a taste...
[url]http://philatino.blogspot.com[/url] or [url]http://www.philatino.com[/url]

Auction #5382: Spring Platynum Major Auction
Total lots: 52 Dealer: Estudio 20 S.A.
The very stamps I would buy if I were looking for true premium stamps (for quality or rarity, or both). Several here are once in a life time astonishing opportunities, and comes to your hands at the right time to protect your money from crisis.
You can see this Auction in [url]http://philatino.blogspot.com[/url] and in [url]http://www.philatino.com[/url]

Closing: 2009-04-30 22:00 Central time

Now we have on air a lot of specialized auctions (latin america, Italy, France, etc) and worldwide, all that you want and more...!!!!!

Philatino Staff
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