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OK...I'll say it...what's your thoughts on graded PF certs?

I know this is the PSE forum and I don't think they are loosing sleep over PF grading stamps. I believe PSE will always have the market share (my opinion) but I find it interesting. As I asked earlier...are there PF pop reports out there...will there be...I can't find them. It's also been a while but I remember NGC allowed PCGS coins in their registry. Not sure what's going on now...I'll have to check. That's it...just looking for opinions and discussion regarding PF graded stamps.



  • KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    > just looking for opinions and discussion regarding PF graded stamps

    I respect them but I don't have any in my collection and I'm not interested in buying stamps that are PF only.
  • coverscovers Posts: 624
    I doubt that there will ever be a PF population report (with grdaes) similar to what PSE has . However, I wouldn't be surprised to see the PF make its large database of certificates more available publicly. That information, which is extremely valuable as to what they have certified in the past (most valuable on census of the rarities) is not quality driven as so few of their certs have grades. I think that is proper given their stance as a not for profit, educational charter institution. Grading is more in the realm of commercial than educational.

    Personally, I was opposed, and remain opposed, to the PF grading stamps at all.

    Disclaimer - I do some expertizing for both PSE and PF and want both to thrive.
    Richard Frajola
  • I think there is a place for all types of collectors of whatever they choose as their passion in philately. I think if an organiztion or company chooses to add a feature that a portion of collectors want than more power to them.

    I have only submitted a couple things to PSE that were with PF certs. Both came back fine (a better grade on one) from PSE.

    I have a passion for graded stamps of higher than normal quality but also I am interested in many facets of philately including varieties of the 2 cent types of the first bureau issue and The many shades of the 279B's as well as finding the 279B booklet singles on cover (not sure what the number was changed to in the 09 Scott spec.) I have found and submitted several 19th and early 20th century covers as EDU's to APEX. The majority of which are still listed as the earliest dates in the Scott. I have 6 or 7 covers now that if submitted will likely push back several EDU dates, if I ever actually get around to sending them in LOL.I'm no scholar but I do other things besides pursue and collect graded stamps.
  • There are some issues that PSE doesn't expertise or grade. For example confederate states. If I want those graded, I send them to the PF.

  • Yeah that puts me in abad position on the odd things PSE doesn't grade as I really don't trust the PF's grading too much, I think I might just get a regular APS or PSE cert and wait to see if the PF's grading improves or PSE starts grading those other stamps. I have a REALLY nice MNH stamp I want grade but PSE does not grade this type so it just sits in my filing cabinet with the other possible future submissions.
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