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Been a while...thought I would try a post...what's going on?

Hello again everyone...it's been quite a while since I was on the stamp forum. Haven't touched my stamps in about six years so I am sticking my head above ground to see what's going on. I had to ask CU what my pass word was...and then I forgot my log-in name. Finally got logged in and decided to delete some old stamp pictures from my CU bank and then realized I deleted some pictures from my old registry sets...oh well. Looks like nothing is new though...alot more numbers in the PSE pop reports...common and popular stamps have high numbers...rare and tough stamps still have low pop numbers...the Stamp Forum is slow. But...after 48 years of collecting and enjoying stamps I can't stop so here I go again. Take care...



  • There are lots of new sets and categories in the registry, depending on how long you've been gone....
  • Hello Edueku. Yes...I did check the Registry. It has come a long way from the beginning and I wish it luck. I had some of the first sets however they are gone now. I still keep winning 1st place with my used zeps...I find that amazing...they are not that great and I have been gone for years. I did notice that the PF is now grading stamps and I find that interesting...I've always loved the PF certs. I picked up two last month and am happy with the grade. However...I can't find any PF pop reports. Is there any discussion regarding graded PF certs? That it...enjoy your stamps.

  • I would go with PSE for grades on certs. PSE CREATED the current grading scale that the PF uses, if that tells you anything. I will always get a second opinion from PSE on a PF graded cert. I submitted a PF 95 I won at auction to PSE. PSE graded it 98J!
  • Actually that is the exception, usually, it seems, PSE tends to grade PF submitted items lower, that's why the 334 surprised me. When I won it at auction I thought it was undergraded by the PF.
  • Are the stamps you posted images of graded?
  • Hello again. No...none of the stamps are graded but some might be on their way to PSE soon. The 287 is nice but I'm sure it is a lock 85...not worth the cert. The 284 is perfect (I think) and the 559 below is on it's way soon. In the future I would like to open a discussion on the 205 pair...I'm not sure about the inking and paper. Time and money are important and I am trying to organize the best stamps I can for the value of the cert...which is half the fun. Take care...and Edueku...that bottom right 621 is a killer!

  • Some of those issues are really tricky, on the 284 I would say 90 to 95 but scans are hard to judge by and I have seen perfectly centered small margin issues graded 98. I think the 284 is one of those tighter margin #'s so who knows. Looks like you should get a decent grade on the 559. I have a SUPER nice 287 used(probably 98J centering) but alas it has some light wrinkles so would be lucky to get an 85 or 90.

    Yeah the 621 sat in my"might submit" pile for a year, but finally I got around to sending it. Hey a 98 and a 95 from the same block ain't bad. And a 620 MNH 100 on the same form.

    I would post some pics but I seem to be jinxed on this site, every 4 or 5 months I try again so maybe I'll try again soon. I really wanna show some of my recent 98J's and 100's...
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