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My 1500 post giveaway....Winner in 1st Post

I entered all of the handles into a spreadsheet and based on the following Excel Formula the winner is Post # 54 which is SilverEagles92! A pm will be sent to the winner shortly...


Thanks for entering and have fun collecting!


A couple of other giveaways going on right now but I can't wait any longer as I have passed up the opportunity to post a couple smart aleck comments (coin related of course!! image ) and it is bothering me.

Anyway, not sure what the prize is going to be yet but it will be something nice...and I will let the winner choose US or Darkside...

So for the giveaway, post the number of PM's you think I have as of this post and I will make a random drawing of the entrants for the winner based on the posts listed here by midnight, 4/3/2009. I know what your thinking, why do I have the guess if it is going to be random? Well just to make you do something is the answer! Come on, really, how hard is it to type a number between 1500 and 2000 (there, I gave ya a hint) and press the post message button? image

Thanks for all of the knowledge over the past few years and Thanks to our hosts for making this place possible!



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