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Swap my silver for your Raw Gold Buffs

I still have an unopened box from the mint, containing (3) Proof 2008
ASE's, and having a shipped date of 8 Jan 2008. I could possibly be
sweet talked into swapping them for money.

I have (3) Walkers, in PCGS AU58, 1941-P, D & S. All blast white.
No toning either side. Maybe dipped? Not MS64's in disguise, but
they are nice 58's! There is rub evident on all three, but no dings,
scratches, etc.. The D has lots of that flywheel luster! $160 Dlvd...

I was gonna crack 'em out, and stick 'em in the Walker Dansco, for
one of the other grandsons, but....replacing the early dates with
AU's and later dates with BU's, as I did with the quarter album, would
surely clean my clock (read: bank account), before I was halfway thru...

I have dupes of 1947 Mint Set Roosevelts (P/D/S). I would swap all (3) of them, in MS67FB,
for (2) (Raw is fine) 2006-W $50 Gold Buffalo's. (Yes, they are PCGS certified..Not Gen II, but early blue)
All very nice, and deserving of the grade... Not 67+, but not 67's from a good day, either!

I have the same set of Jeff's, but in MS66FS, that might be nice to have by June.
Registry set upgrade, anyone?
I would swap them for (2) (raw, again, is fine) 2006 or 2007 $50 Gold Buffalo's. PR or MS.

I have a PDS Mint Set of 1947 Washington's that I might swap for (2) 2006 or 2007 or 2008
$50 Gold Buffalo's. They are, of course, like everything I have, PCGS, and MS67. The P &
S previously exhibited "Mullen" pedigrees. The S is a thing of beauty. The P & D are no
slouches, either! All great for the grade. (The P and S were sent down for an upgrade..
but, alas, they were not deemed 68 coins at that time....)

Ummm, since award time is nearly upon us, I would swap the No.1 current finest 1941 mint set
for 7 gold $50 Buffalo's. PR or MS, PCGS certified.

Thanks for looking...

P.S. I absotootly cannot afford more grandkids! And thanks for asking.. image



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    Can I be one of your grandkids? image
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    Check in the BST....there's a lot that will trade with ya......
    This is a very dumb ass thread. - Laura Sperber - Tuesday January 09, 2007 11:16 AM image

    Hell, I don't need to exercise.....I get enough just pushing my luck.
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