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1883 N/C - 1883 Shield nickel without "5 Cents" (No Cent) incorporated in the design
1909 VDB MPL - Victor David Brenner cent design, Matte Proof Lincoln
7070 - Dansco #7070 US Coin Type Set album
Acetone - Organic solvent, industrial chemical (can be used for thinner, lacquers or oil base paints)
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
Alt- Alternate, meaning returning after being banned under a different name, or using an alt instead of primary name.
A&R - Arrows and Rays found on a 1853 quarter
AT - Artificially Toned
ATB- America the Beautiful
ATS- Across the Street, meaning NGC
Bammed- Banned from the Chat Boards, said to have derived from Cameron Keifer misspelling banned.
Bear- Wise Old Bear, Gabe (passed away)
Bellybutton Dollar-A variety of 1884 silver dollar has a defect from the die causing a strategically placed depression on the eagle's lower abdomen.
BHNC-Bust Half Nut Club
B&M- Brick & Mortar, your local coin shop or previous catalogs by (now defunct) Bowers & Merena
BOLO - Be On the Look Out
BST - Buy, Sell, Trade, BST Forum
BUMP- posting to a thread just to advance it to the top.
CAC-Certified Acceptance Corporation, an independent numismatic coin authentication service founded by John Albanese
CBH - Capped Bust Half
CCW - Counter-Clock Wise, as in rotation of a die, used in rotational error identification (DNA Dave)
CDN-Coin Dealer Newsletter
C/F - Counterfeit
CL - Craig's List
COT-- Circle of Trust™ , a Mystic group of Forumites who have secretly bonded, there is also reputed to be a secret greeting handshake.
CPG- Cherry Picker's Guide/Auth. Bill Fivaz & J.T. Stanton
CRO- Coin Rarities Online
c/s - CS, counterstamp Post-mint lettering or numbers punched into a coin's surface with a tool.
CWT- Civil War Token
CUFYNA - Collectors Universe For Your Necessary Action
David Hall - God Jr., Coin Person with Hawaiian shirt and a founder of PCGS, President, Collectors Universe, departed CU September 18, 2018.
DIAF - Die In A Fire
Dipped - Cleaned with a chemical solution
DIVA - Designated Ike VAriety (same idea as VAM's, but for Eisenhower dollars)
DIY - Do It Yourself
Doily - The PCGS Doily holder is one of the most coveted holder/label types of certified coins. It was produced for a short time from August 1989 through January 1990. Only a few of these slabs survive today and many believe that the graders were conservative during this time.
DNC- Did not cross, coins submitted that do not cross into host's holder
DNS- Did Not Sell
DP- Double Post
Don Willis-President, PCGS (bass fisherman extraordinaire) resigned Nov. 15, 2018
Dreck- Trash, especially inferior merchandise. (another term applied to coins by Laura of Legend)
EAC-Early American Coppers, specialty organization founded in 1967 to serve as a point of contact for collectors of early U.S. copper coins
ED- Environmental Damage
ED - Early date
EDS - Early Die State
EMDS - Early Middle Die State
EOM- End of message
EOR - End Of Roll, as in a coin that was exposed at the end of a bank roll which exhibits paper flap toning.
Ezest - Coin cleaner
FB - Feed Back, eBay term for seller/buyer comments
FB - Mercury dimes exhibiting Full Bands due to an excellent strike.
FBL - Full Bell Lines on rev of Franklin Half Dollar
FE- Flying Eagle cent (1856-1858) LFE- Large Flying Eagle, pattern 1855
FEP - Friendly Eagle Pattern, 1971-D Ike dollar with the RDV-006 reverse
FIDO - Freaks, Irregulars, Defects, and Oddities (Error Coins) submitted by BlueJayWay
First Strike- Brought about and twisted by marketers as the first coins struck by Mint dies, but it really only meant first delivered by Mint.
Flyer- Flying Eagle Cent, 1856/57/58
FOAD - F'k Off And Die
Franklin half dollars,1948-1963
Frankies - Simple slang for Franklin half dollar
* Designation - Used to signify superior eye-appeal by NGC. It DOES NOT signify PQness!
FSH-For Sale Here on the BST forum
FT - Full Torch (used to designate a full strike on Roosies)
FUBAR - F'ed Up Beyond All Recognition
FVF- Final value fees, tied to e-Bay
FWIW - For What It's Worth
GAE - Gold American Eagle
GSA CC - Government Services Administration, Carson City mint
GTG-- Guess The Grade (or, alternatively, can be used as an abbreviation for Greg The Great)
HJB- Harlan J. Berk Ltd.
HPA- Hobby Protection Act (approved November 29, 1973) Enacted to prevent the selling of counterfeits.
HT - Heat Toned
HTT- "Hard Times Tokens"
IMO - In My Opinion
IMHO-In My Humble Opinion
IIRC-If I Recall Correctly
JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion
JMO - Just My Opinion
KMA - Kiss My Ass
KISS - Keep it simple, stupid
KoolAid Pitcher - Linked to First Strike, the act of marketing a particular series of coins.
LCS - Local Coin Shop
LDS - Late Die State
LT - love token. Post-mint hand-engraved artwork and/or lettering on a coin (lordmarcovan) -
LOL- Little Old Lady, with hankie and purse selling coins to a dealer.
MA - Market Acceptable
Macro - Photography term usually associated with a type of lens setting for close-ups
MAD- MisAligned Die
Matte finish - Also thought of as SATIN finish, mint dies glass bead blasted/pickled.
MDS - Middle Die State
MEL- Missing Edge Lettering such as Presidential Dollars IGWT, E. Pluribus Unum, Date MM
Micro O - Super small New Orleans mint mark
Milk spots - Milky white spots that mysteriously appear on silver eagles due to improper rinse at the mint. They also show up on Peace dollars
MINTSHIELD™ - Canadian Mint chemical solution that will be applied to 2018 silver Maple Leaf bullion coins, to prevent 'milk spots'
Modern Crap - Anything minted post 1964, can be traced all the way back to board member "shirohniichan"
Moon Shot- Scanner bed or camera image taken without magnification or so far away, you need the Hubble to identify the coin
Moose - An incredible coin, usually one that grades MS/PR-67 or higher or a coin with astounding eye-appeal (c.1976-1980) A phenomenal quality coin. Evidently penned by "Boy Wonder" Kevin Lipton.
MPD-Misplaced Punched Date
MPL - Matte Proof Lincoln cents 1909-1917
MS70 - Name brand for coin cleaner (by most accounts a detergent cleaner and not a stripper)
MWOL - Mwahahaing out loud; to make an evil laugh. As per Paradisefound
NARU - Not A Registered User (an eBay username that has been banned from further using eBay as a result of disobeying rules).
NEN- Northeast Numismatics, Inc.
NN- Numismatic News
NPB - Non paying bidder, used in eBay
NSFW- Not Suitable for Work, contents of a link contains graphic information you might not want to open at work.
NT - Naturally Toned
OBW- Original Bank Wrapped coin rolls, 50 cents, 20 nickels, 50 dimes, 40 quarters, 20 fifty cent, 25 modern dollars
OF - Open Forum
OGH- Old Green Holder, PCGS slab with green label
Omega Man - MCMVII (1907) ultra high-relief US$20 gold Double Eagle that were counterfeited and began to appear in the early 1970's The mark Ω is inside the eagles claw.
OMM - Overpunched Mint Mark such as a D/S
OP - Original Poster
Orphan Annie-1844 Liberty seated dime. Origin unknown, but the term has been in use since the 1930s.
OT - Off Topic
OTOH - On The Other Hand
Pallad (or Pd) - Palladium
PDE Palladium Eagle (2017)
PPFF - PayPal Friends and Family
PC holder - PCGS holder
PCGS- Professional Coin Grading Services, home sweet home.
PITA - Pain In The Ass
Plat (or Pt) - Platinum
PM - Private Message, can also stand for Precious Metals
PMD-Post Mint Damage, something occurred after the coin left the Mint
PMDD - Poor Man's Double Die (die erosion created trailing ghost 5's in the date, not a true hub doubled die)
PMS - Post Minting Staining as per Fred Weinberg
POC - Point Of Contact
Pop - Population, as it pertains to registered coins that are slabbed
POS- Piece of $hit
POTD- Post Of The Day
PQ - Premium Quality
PSA- Public Service Announcement
PUP- Pickup Point, a characteristic that usually indicates a nice strike.
PVC - Polyvinyl chloride residue from old style flips and coin holders will (should) dissolve in acetone
QC - Questionable Color a #91 on the PCGS label numbering system.
Registry sets - Points awarded to slabbed series collections
RFR - "Run, Forrest, Run!" quantified by messydesk as to avoid at all cost.
ROI - Return On Investment
Ron Guth - God, Coin Person with Crown and President, CoinFacts.com, no longer associated
Roosies - Roosevelt Dimes, particularly 90% silver 1946-1964
RMA- Return Merchandise Agreement/Return Merchandise Authorization
RPM - Repeated Punched Mintmark such as D/D
SAE - Silver American Eagle
SBM- Suicide by Moderator, coined by Otis (SportsModerator1)
SCDG-Same coin, different grade
SDB- Safety Deposit Box
Skin - Originality of a coin as it pertains to strike, luster and look
SLQ - Standing Liberty Quarter
SNAD - Significantly Not As Described (e-Bay term)
SOP- Standard Operating Proceedure
SSDC- Society of Silver Dollar Collectors, collector organization dedicated to the study of Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar varieties.
SSP- Shameless Self Promotion (as seen on the BST)
TAT- Turn Around Time
Tail-Bar A variety of 1890-CC silver dollar has a raised die line or bar from the eagle's tail to the wreath.
T1 - Type 1, for Buffalo nickel (original design, 1913 only). For Jefferson nickels T1 steps (steps not bracketed with 2 vertical lines). For Standing Liberty Quarters dated 1917 that show a bare breast.
T2 - Type 2, for Buffalo nickel (small changes to the reverse starting mid-way through 1913 until 1938). For Jefferson nickels (steps have vertical lines bracketing steps). For Standing Liberty Quarters dated 1917 that show a covered breast.
TBN- Taco Bell Napkin, claims have been made that these brown napkins accelerate silver coin toning.
TGP - Third Party Graders
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TGS - Third-party Grading Service (also known as TPGS)
TOS - Terms of Service, are rules by which one must agree to abide by in order to use a service. Usually, such terms are legally binding.
Top Pop- Population being as #1 for the grade, as it pertains to registered coins that are encapsulated
TPN - ? I have no idea what this means, somebody used it.
TTT - To The Top
TV - True View, a photographic service by PCGS
TYVM - Thank You Very Much
UHR- Ultra High Relief $20 gold struck in 2009, dated MMIX
VAM - Van Allen and Mallis (Morgan and Peace dollar varieties)
VEDS - Very Early Die States
VEMS - Very Early Middle States
V - Very
WAC- What a Coin
WANNABE - Usually pertains to a fly-by-night dealer who thinks of himself as an expert or the collectors friend. Often in it for the money only. Can also pertain to a collector who hasn't paid his dues.
WAG - Wager a Guess
WB - Wiley Bugert classification of varieties for Liberty Seated Half Dollars
White elephant - Error missed by mint QA, then by grading service, on high $ coin (usually gold) as per Fred Weinberg
Widget- First applied by Legend for common run of the mill coins, like common date Morgans.
WNAP-We Need a Picture
WoodenJefferson - Keeper of the Lingo
WTB- Want to Buy
WTH - What The Heck
WTC Coins - World Trade Center coins (coins minted from silver recovered from the site)
Yeti- Darkside term for a long-vanished or seldom-seen forum member.
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary, coined from ColonelJessup
You Suck! - Increase of at least 1000X fold from the original purchase price.
YN - Young Numismatists

HOMERUN - When a coin is sold for more than 10X the original purchase price
GRAND SLAM -When a coin sells for 100X or more than the original purchase price
"I made it" means that the coin was bought raw and then submitted, and is generally used when the coin gets a high grade from a grading service. Lingo used in "Registry Sets" explained by Kranky

Mint Marks

C- Charlotte, North Carolina. Gold coins struck between 1838 and 1861.
CC- Carson City, Nevada.1870 thru 1893.
D- Dahlonega, Georgia, Gold coins struck between 1838 thru 1861.
D- Denver, Colorado. 1906 to the present.
D/D- Repunched mintmark. Dahlonega over Dahlonega.
D/S- Mintmark error. Denver over San Francisco.
O- New Orleans, Louisiana. 1838 to 1909.
O/CC- Mintmark error. New Orleans over Carson City.
O/S- Mintmark error. New Orleans over San Francisco.
P- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. War nickels, 1942 - 1945; dollars, 1979 to present;
all other denominations,1980 to present.
S- San Francisco, California. 1854 to present.
S/D- Mintmark error. San Francisco over Denver.
W- West Point. 1984 to present.

"Questionable authenticity" means our opinion is in the range of "we're pretty sure it's counterfeit" to "we're absolutely sure it's counterfeit", usually the later. For legal reasons, we do not say "counterfeit." "Refund, no decision" means we are either not sure, or the coin is too messed up (super harshly cleaned or really dirty, etc.) to tell for sure one way or the other. Quote from PCGS hrh

“Impossible mint error” is a phrase used by mint error dealers and collectors to describe a mint error that defies logic and boggles the mind as to its method of manufacture, whether it was assisted or not and how it could have credibly occurred during the normal production of coinage.

"California Special" An artificially enhanced coin, most common were the Morgan silver dollars. California Specials first surfaced in the early 1970s. Coin doctors would take a slightly prooflike specimen, give it a high mirror gloss in the fields by polishing the area, then apply some sort of acid etch to the raised devices. This simulated a "cameo" contrast on the coin while improving the coin's desirability and its asking price. A few California Specials still turn up on occasion and will fool the majority of collectors and many inexperienced dealers. Any bagmarks on the frosted areas instead of shiny mark is a dead giveaway. They appear identical, regardless of the date and mintmark of the underlying coin. This is never the case as in the real world, different mints produced different qualities of prooflike surfaces.

As per Fred Weinberg on 'rotated reverses'
Official Mint tolerance is 27 degrees - it's posted on the Presses'.
Most collectors want at least a 90 degree rotation, but I've found
that 45 degrees is acceptable to some collectors of some type coins.
Simple rule: if the top of the reverse of your coin points to:
10:30 or 1:30, it's rotated 45 Degrees CCW or CW
9:00 or 3:00, it's rotated 90 Degrees CCW or CW
General Rule: If the top of the reverse of your coin points to
between 10:00 and 12:00, it might barely make the 27 degrees,
but it's not much in demand by 98.5% of collectors of that series
and if it points to 12:00 to 2:00, same thing.....not, or barely, collectable.

FYI - plus-grading at PCGS started in March 2010
PCGSCSManager mod confirmed, March 25th, 2010

FYI - Designation Review - The "designation review" was phased out over 10 years ago, probably around 2005-6 and was the grade suffix which relates to one of the many strike qualifiers like Full Bands/Full Bell lines/Full Steps/Cameo/Deep Cameo/Proof-like, as per keets
Chat Board Lingo

"Keep your malarkey filter in good operating order" -Walter Breen


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