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*THIS* close to being a jumbo...

coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭
The largest margins I've ever seen on a 1st series perforated revenue, 3 out of the 4 margins being humongous.



  • Wow! Monster margins! I always love to see mongo stamps be it revenues or regular issues which I collect.
  • coverscovers Posts: 624
    Jumbos are really just perforation freaks (errors) or misaligned perforators as a constant. I worked for Simmy's Stamp Auctions in Boston ca. 1975 and he was the person who really started the craze. I had to buy $100,000+ a month of superb jumbos each month to feed the auctions. Personally, I would be happy never to see another .... (I know I am alone in the woods on this).
    Richard Frajola
  • Yep I'll agree with you on that, you're alone in the woods Richard(LOL)
  • Richard. I don't mind seeing a well balanced jumbo stamp but many of the jumbos are not well balanced. I just put them in with the rest of my duplicates. Another problem I have with jumbos is what people do to the stamps to obtain jumbos. I have seen to many stamps reperfed to obtain balanced jumbos and then there is the cutting out the center stamp of an imperf block of nine and destroying the other stamps in the block. Maybe I am not to far away from your attitude about jumbos. Give me any well balanced stamp and I will be happy.

  • coverscovers Posts: 624
    Rolin - Nice to know I'm not quite alone in the jungle! I have always judged stamps by how well preserved they are. That is, how close to what they look like when they were purchased from the post office, or went through the mails, do they look now. A stamp with fresh color and good impression trumps perfect centering every time for me.
    Richard Frajola
  • coinpicturescoinpictures Posts: 5,345 ✭✭✭

    << <i>...and then there is the cutting out the center stamp of an imperf block of nine and destroying the other stamps in the block. >>

    I too have seen this, and it is nauseating. Cannot one simply submit a block of 9 intact to PSE/PF for grading and state that the center stamp is the one to be graded? Why is the destruction of multiples a necessity? This has also become a problem in the currency market, with original sheets being cut down to "create" perfect singles.

    Thus far, the graded mania has not really caught on in early U.S. revenues (thank God!), other than a few online dealers pushing graded certs at astronomical prices (Aldrich, Wmlangs), but I haven't seen many takers.

    I brought this issue up last September in this thread specifically as it pertains to imperforate revenues. Some of the links in that thread are no longer available, but you can still get the gist of the discussion.

    In short, I could "create" a superbly-margined imperf from the center stamp below, but to me the practice of destroying multiples in order to garner high numeric grades on singles is abhorrent.


    [P.S. I'm not a huge proponent or collector of Jumbos; I just happened to come across the original stamp in this thread as part of a collection I purchased, and it struck me as somewhat unique. While misperfs and margin singles abound in 1st issue revenues, one never sees examples with margins this large on a perforated stamp.]
  • To each his own.
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