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Paul McCartney autographed items with COA

I have a couple of very nice autographed items by the 'cute Beatle', Paul McCartney. Both items have COA's from Perry D. Cox. Since I have just started thinking of selling them, I don't have all details at hand, but will update this later -- or research if I get a PM from interested party. I am not on every day so, please be patient.

I will have to hunt these stored items down and get some photos up in the near future - maybe next week, unless I get a serious PM from someone who is in a hurry to purchase.

One of the items is a book: a rarity-to-find-autographed, so I was told by Perry D. Cox, notable author of Beatles collectibles.

Here's Perry's Book. He is a famous Beatles autograph authenticator, and authoritive author on Beatles signatures.


The 2nd item is an autographed CD - Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, also authenticated by Perry D. Cox. This book was signed at the NY signing a couple years ago (was it 05?), and has GREAT authentication documentation that goes with it, including photos of signing, receipt, even the bag purchased in, etc. I even had the girl that got it signed write a short letter about her experience at the signing.

I am asking $875 each, but feel free to send me your 'best offer' within reason. I will ship insured USPS for with the right price.


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