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I have sheets of stamps. I've called several places to find the best way to save these. I have been given several different answers. I need to know if it is safe to save stamp sheets in plastic/vinyl sleeves and put them in a 3 ring binder. Any guidance in this area is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.......


  • I have a book with full size glassine (sleeved) pages that will protect the sheets very well. My sheets have remained in this book for many years without any problems. I would check with some of the stamp supplers on line to see if these books are still available. I acquired my book in a purchase of an old collection. It holds about 50 sheets separated from each other and keeps them flat. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you for sharing that with me. I will give it a try. If these glassine booklets are not available, does anyone know if the plastic/vinyl jackets are good for saving sheets?
  • I keep my stamps on album pages that are slipped inside plastic sleeves. Also, the mounts used for affixing stamps to the album pages are made of plastic. So, I would say, that as long as the plastic is acid free the sheets should be protected just fine. My original answer was concerned about maintaining flatness and preventing damage due to the pages warping. I would think a loose leaf notebook would allow the sheet to bend and possibly not return to its original contour.

  • Thank you Mike,
    I appreciate your help and input. I have some sheets in plastic in a binder and so far have had no problem with bending. Other sheets are in those glassine booklets you mentioned and they are flat also. I'm just having trouble finding them locally at this point and didn't want to spend the extra for shipping and handling. Now I guess I'll have to drive into the "big city" or spend the extra.
    Have a gr8 day,
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