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Scott 76

Attached is a stamp I have just recently acquired. It peaked my interest because it is imperf on its right side. It was most likely positioned on the edge of the sheet causing its left side to be straight. It is perf 12 across the top and bottom, although the bottom perfs appear to have been only half cut. Has anyone else seen a Scott 76 similar to this one? Comments anyone.


  • Looks like someone used scissors on the bottom perfs.
  • Looks like it was removed from the sheet via scissors top, rt and bottom
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  • Yes, the bottom perfs may have been snipped. For sure the stamp was cut away from the stamp to its right ( left side as one looks at it). A little bit of the other stamp was left with this one. I just thought it unusual to find this issue missing perfs between stamps.
  • Oh, I hadn't noticed the straight edge on the top perfs. I think you're right when you say it was cut across the top.
  • It looks to be a straddle margin copy based on the left SE. It would have been positioned along the left edge of the right pane of stamps. The big right margin is unusual as most every 76 I see has narrow margins. Its too bad someone cut the right side perfs that must have been there originally. Unless... Is there a Scott listing for 76 horizontal pair imperf between?

  • I was thinking that maybe the vert perfs were omitted from the sheet, causing the need to separate the vert rows with scissors. that would maybe explain why someone may have snipped the stamp across the top and bottom. I wonder if the stamps in the outside rows of the sheet had straight vert edges. Not a valuable stamp but does draw interest. Scott catalog has no listing or comments that would explain this stamp.

  • Mike,

    I was thinking something similar, although it would really help if there were a documented pair imperforate between somewhere out there. Sa you know, it's just to easy to fake this sort of thing in a single. With your particular stamp we'll probably never know. Still, it's an interesting item.

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    Some auction houses would just call it Very Fine.

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