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Guess the day that Gold closes over $1000 and win a Peace $. (Post by 2/20) ((PLACID IS THE WINNER!!

I haven't done a giveaway in a long time so I thought it'd be fun to give away a Peace $ to the person who guesses correctly the exact day that Gold "closes" (not breaks $1000 intra-day, but "closes") at or over $1000 an oz. Here are the rules:

- You can only guess once. ANY edited response within this post (anywhere) will disqualify the poster from the game.
- We'll use the 4:30 NY close. You can check Kitco.com for daily closes.
- If more than 2 people win, their names will be put into a hat and a winner will be chosen.
- If gold doesn't hit $1000 in 2009... nobody wins....
- Guesses must be posted here by Feb 20th. Any guesses on the 21st or thereafter will not be accepted..
- If nobody guesses the exact date, the person who guessed the closest (either before or after the day) will be the winner.

Yea, I know I could have done this in the PM forum but I thought I'd get a better response here. Have fun!!

My guess is March 19th.


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