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I started off collecting stamps...

...now I collect certificates! I've gotten pretty good at finding those hard to see hinge marks fake coil pairs and "new" perforations, but I still send out the occasional package to PSE or PF.

I have over 250 certs and thought (partially joking, partially serious) about buying a really nice binder and a few pounds of large Hawid mounts!

**laughing while typing**
Any thoughts, comments???? LOL
At 47, I'm wondering why I'm one of the youngest people at stamp shows!!!!!


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    I couldn't agree more! I spend about as much time with my certs as I do stamps. I actually did buy 3 half size binders and a bunch of half size sheet protectors to store my certs in. I haven't got as many as you, maybe 150.

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    That's how I used to have my certs(well the ones I still have left are in binders with sheet protectors and archival stiffeners) as I get everything encapsulated now. I thought about trying a sports card page to hold the capsules just for my own ease and enjoyment. Actually I have conceived (at least partially) an album idea that would hold the slabs and look decent. I wonder if there is such a thing in the coinworld for slabs (I would imagine there is)
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    LouisCampLouisCamp Posts: 468 ✭✭✭
    I have been working with stamps professionally since 1979. I worked as a describer for a large auction house, in doing so, I handled countless thousands of US stamps that most collectors would not have the opportunity to see. Collectors buy stamps based on the auction houses descriptions (bulk of the time without a certificate). It's a real gamble with your money when buying classic US without a certificate. There are dealers who only buy problem stamps and improve them and sell to unsuspecting collectors.

    Even the auction house I worked for would stretch the limits on what they could get away with. Jeeze, if they call a Fine stamp, Very Fine, what are the odds the gum is original or it isn't reperfed? The stories I could tell!

    Enjoy your certs!

    ANA Life-Member
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    KentuckyJKentuckyJ Posts: 1,871 ✭✭✭

    I'm a fan of PSE encapsulated stamps. I think the cert only path is vulnerable to certs appearing very dated after only a few years. Who is to say an unprotected cert only stamp is in the same grade it was on the day PSE looked at it? I realize the astute collector takes care of his/her collection but the marketplace may have doubts when it comes time to sell. I only wish it wasn't so expensive to have cert only PSE stamps encapsulated.

    Does anyone know if PSE ever produced a box to hold their encapsulated stamps, similar to what PCGS has available for coins?

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    I think that PSE should offer a discount for those of us who would like to have several already certified stamps encapsulated. I have 41 stamps with paper certs, 41 X 15.00 = $615!
    You hit the nail right on the head about the certs looking outdated after only a few years. My most recent certs from PSE are from last year previous to the new PSE design numbering system. So none of my certs have the Scott# and the PSE design # like the more recent certs. I have some really high grades with certs but it's really expensive to get them all encapsulated at $15 each, just to change the form of authentication.
    Personally I would like to have my encapsulated handy to flip through and enjoy without having to dig through them in a box. But for now I store them in a small cardboard box that is left open to keep from any build up of oxidizing gasses. Velveeta cheese boxes are a good fit for capsules too even if they are not high-end. I have noticed that some of my graded yellow stamps with paper certs are turning brownish after being in the SAFE stock cards for what is obviously a relatively short time. Thank heavens for Hydrogen Peroxide.Those yellow stamps I have encapsulated look just fine.
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    and I still collect stamps, but I do now have a side collection of foreign coins and currency and postcards as well. Stamps are still my main interest though
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