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lowest price auction venue on the net! for those who dont like FVFs

hello all. i looked for my old post but just couldnt find it. so here we go.

they call me ant or anthony. im 29 years old and im tired of paying too much to list items for sale on the net. so i have created a site much like other venues for auctions only thing really different is that there is NO FINAL VALUE FEE. non . zilch. zero. and listing fees are 5c and will never go up! here are just some of the reasons why you should change to my site:

* 5c listing fee ( anything you list , house,castle,boat,moat....) NEVER GOES UP
* Featured Home Page auctions are only 99c (3-30 days)
* list an item for 3days to 30 days
* Rotating featured items on front page ( equal attention to all featured items on home page )
* eazy to navigate site
* fast loading

* ABOUT ME page can be used as a ad page for members. all you do is design the page the way you want it. html welcome. then just link them to that page by puting your name in front of eauctionemporium.com ( smokyant2000.eauctionemporium.com ) this will take them right to your about me page, which can also link others to a NON EBAY web store, B&M shop you may own, or just link them to your sales on eauctions site image we wont hate you for makeing money! thats what i am here for!

* OFFERS are in the system. all items listed have an offer button in them on left side. no more paying for the offer feature! the feature works even if it is a auction style listing or a ILL TAKE IT listing. this means items can sell faster without having to pay for the ability.

* UPLOAD 6 LARGE PICS . pictures are a very important thing when trying to sell an item. the size of the pic is even more important so i have made it posable to have 6 uploaded pictures FREE and they will not show small if you dont save them as small. you may also host using photobucket.com or any other photo hosting choice.

* we allow you to list any item. even if being sold in your stores. all we ask is that if you sell the item please remove it from the system image we do not frown on outside sales. other than ebay. no ebay side sales please. if a link is found to take a customer to ebay the link WILL be removed.

* right now i am setting up prizes and games and such to help motivate folks to use the site. At this time it is in the form of a $500 end of year, top seller prize.

*There are many more reasons such as the time it takes to list an item is far quicker than other venues.

thank you for stopping in!


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