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Forever stamp will it impact stamp collecting?

After speaking with the local postmaster I am curious if the forever stamps will have any impact on stamp collecting.

The postmaster stated that since the forever stamps have come out that sales of all the other stamp types (the standard ounce rate) are either way down or almost non-existant.

Will this make some stamps more collectible or weaken the hobby? I can the possiblity of either or both happening.


    I wonder if they will do different designs for the forever stamp, or is it just the liberty bell forever ?

    One thing the stamp does- it makes it easy to forget how much it cost to mail a letter. Maybe that's part of the trick too.

    oh well, I guess if they print 3, there will be enough for everyone.
  • I don't think it does anything for or against the hobby. It's going to impact just today's moderns and
    who collects them? I know some do but not that many...unless they are after EFOs.

  • I don't think it will impact collecting that much. People who buy and use forever stamps don't give a rip about stamps. (non-collectors)Collectors will continue to buy commemoratives for their mailings because they like them. I only have used a forever stamp when I didn't have anything else, to me they are boring.....
  • Boring but convenient in the booklet form. I like to have them around for extra postage especially if I have to mail something priority: I can slap on the envelope and count them easily, if that makes sense. I went through two rolls of the state stamps and mailed them on ebay items to buyers, hope some get saved. I actually have no problem with the self stick stamps(i.e. not soaking off paper), likes has been mentioned more than once in the publications lately, you can just trim the paper they're on, actually creates a nice framing effect from my pov.

  • edeku

    I agree, that's why I have a booklet of them around as well, so if I have to mail something pronto, I don't end up cannabalizing my collection to get a stamp. Used to do that when I was younger and poorer and I know have a few holes in my mint us collection where I dug into it a time or two.
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