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G. Washingon letter

I am being offered one (assume it is real)

What is it worth?
I seldom check PM's but do check emails often [email protected]

Buying top quality Seated Dimes in Gem BU and Proof.

Buying great coins - monster eye appeal only.


  • If I were you I would look at some of the better autograph auction sites for a price. I would also have it authenicated once you purchase it. There are lots of fakes out there. Here's a website below that has recently sold some GW autographs.
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  • BlackieBlackie Posts: 1,719 ✭✭✭
    do you have a pic of the letter?
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  • Hi SD: I would never, ever, buy an autographed item on ebay unless you have dealt with the seller
    before and know he/she is trustworthy and honest.
    As someone else said, there are many fakes for sale in the autograph field.
    I'm referring only to historical material such as presidential, military, civil war, etc.
    All mine were bought from recognized auction houses and dealers who are members
    of the various autograph organizations and guarantee their authenticity for life.
    I have a Washington ALS shortly after he left office to his nephew, Bushrod Washington,
    about Bushrod's request for papers from a land transaction.
    It is also listed and pictured in a series of books about G. Washington.
    That's about it.
    Good luck.
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  • do you have a pic of the letter

    me and blackies waiting a train, and pic, ive never saw a g.w. letter before
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