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plate blocks

When stamps were lick and stick, you could tear off the stamps for the block. How do you get the plate block today from these self stick sheets of 20 stamps? You can't just cut them. Must I save the whole sheet???
Thank you, dc3


  • I'm not generally a collector of blocks, but I think what many people do is to just tear the wax paper backing (it is rouletted/die cut) and it should separate at the edges of the block that you want to keep.
  • Thank you very much. I'll try this. I collected plate blocks and FDC's when my children were younger and am now just getting back into it. I particularly enjoy creating my own FDC's, but this is simplier than plate blocks.

  • You can still collect the block but you probably have to first cut the top of the liner at the top of the sheet then seperate the block from the sheet. Not exactly easy but it can be done.
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