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a friend of mine is wanting to part with some stamps. via ebay oe some other way. he is putting the trust in me to sell some for him.

i have scans of a lot of the stamps. if someone can pm me that would like to seethem and let me know the best way to sell them. if there is a better way then ebay.

he a list of just a few with values he thinks. pm me for scans.

This is just a start. I have researched some as follows: I do not know
anything about the value of the German.
1. 1881-1887 Garfield grey/brown (special printing "soft porous paper
without gum")value $ 65000.00 per us postal guide
34th Edition.

2. 1871-1873 George Washington Proprietary Issue $ 2850.00 (per. 2002

3. 1923 Martha Washington $ 450.00 (per 2002 Krause-Minkus)

4. 1871 cent George Washington inverted Ctr $ 3250.00 (2002 krause-minkus)

5. 1871 one dollar George Washington Us Internal Revenue "inverted Ctr." $
4000.00 (per2002 K-M)

6. 1871 5 cent George Washington US Internal Revenue, Inverted CTR Punch,
Orange/Blk (Cancled may 14,1872 Land Department)
$ 3000.00 or more (per Krause-Minks 2002 Edition)

7. 1st Flight Zepland ?

8. 1st Flight Zepland USS MACON ?

9. 1870-1871 Garfield $ 28,500.00

10. 1870-1871 3 cent Washington $ 800.00

11. 1923 Harding "Rotary Press" $ 450.00

12. 1923 Harding ??

13. 1923 Harding "Flat Plate Press" ???

again any help i would really appreciate thanks chris.


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  • kuhlmannkuhlmann Posts: 3,326 ✭✭
  • kuhlmannkuhlmann Posts: 3,326 ✭✭






  • Most of the ones that are listed as "special printings" are probably not, and are the more common regularly issued stamp worth very little value especially with the damage apparent on these and others. Probably very little value here. Certainly unlikely to be thousands. I don't perceive any with "inverted centers" The $1 revenue looks normal from what I can tell from the scan. Martha Washington is damaged at upper right. Blue 5c Garfield is damaged at lower left. Looks like your friend liseted the most of the most expensive versions for values, instead of the correct values which are likely to be much lower.
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    edueku can you turn on your pm. i have over 100+ scans of stamps. if you know much about stamps. i can scan you some more. hes got a load of german stamps. i have no idea the worth of them. im gonna hit walden books tomorrow to get some sort of guide.

  • Try the library you can check the stamps for free there. Check Scott Catalogs, there should be several volumes for foreign countries, either that you can checkout or in the reference section. I couldn't tell you much about german stamps without a catalog. I collected that country briefly at one time but couldn't tell you Scott#'s and values with out a catalog.
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    All of the revenues pictured (the ones with George Washington in the center) are of nominal value, worth less than a dollar each. I'm not sure where he got the catalog values, but they are completely misidentified. None of the stamps shown have an inverted center.

    They are not worth trying to sell singly on eBay. Throw them all into a lot and you might get a few bucks. Maybe.

    Put it this way: I have multiple examples of all the revenues pictured that I'd be happy to sell for 50 cents each... image

    EDIT: The German semipostals (with the horse) are also very common. The latter Third Reich semipostals (with the exception of the the last 3, if I recall correctly) can be found in bulk mint. In fact they're more common mint than used. I don't have a Classic Specialized here at work, so I can't quote catalog numbers. They're neat topicals or conversation pieces but have nominal value.
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