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Contest-Giveaway!! 10oz silver bar!! ***WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT!!***

********Glamorous Awards Ceremony time!!!!*********

..quick note before we get to the Awards Ceremony; I am rapidly approaching 100 posts so stand by for a really awesome Giveaway!!!!
(just kidding, I'll be recovering from this one for quite some time, check back at 500 posts image)

1. Grand Prize 10oz silver bar ***WINNER*** PaleElf!! 2 time combat decorated for valor
2. 2008 Proof Bald Eagle Commem $1 ***WINNER*** 1st correct guess "Two-Minute Dan" 8402 (eagle already in the mail)
3. 2008 Proof Bald Eagle Commem 50c ***NO WINNER*** under the undisclosed rule, I was waiting to hear the first crack about "Two-Minute Dan" never got it,
so under the arbitrary and capricious clause I award third place to Cool Cat Con4Coins, Conner is a YN and son of Perry, Thezookrew, and hails from a long line of
military service, congrats Conner
4. 2008 ASE, favorite poster ***WINNER*** LordM!!
5. 2008 ASE, favorite poster ***WINNER*** Mad Marty!!
6. 2008 ASE, funniest guess, still have to go with the one that made me spit beer all over the computer screen ***WINNER*** Newbiecollector, "1955 Buick hubcap"
7. 2008 ASE, ***WINNER*** LOWEST number of posts, the "Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut" Award, goes to (at the time ) three-post JTMac
8. ???? ***WINNER*** HIGHEST number of posts get to send me something award goes to 46k+ posts LaserArt!! What did I win Art? image
9. 2008 ASE ***WINNER*** my brother Mike gets to keep one of the ASE's I mooched from him.
10. 2008 ASE "the Old Magnet Ass" award for combat wounds ***WINNER, TexasNationals*** (took a total of seven for the team)
11. ***No winner*** "Last cal, time gentelmen, if you please" comes from Andy Capp cartoons.
12. Unknown prize, "Most Confusing Giveaway Ever" Award, ***WINNER*** Me!! I was declared the winner of this prestigious Award by illini420, can't wait to see what I won!!!

Thanks everyone for the responses, I really had a great bit of fun with this. I'll PM all winners sometime today.

See you in the Funny Pages


****"Last Call, time gentlemen, if you please"****


A quick recap on prizes :

1. 10oz silver bar - combat valor
2. 2008 proof Bald Eagle Commemorative $1- 1st correct guess **winner!!** "two-minute Dan" 8402
3. 2008 proof Bald Eagle Commemorative 50c - no winner yet, classified rule..
4. 2008 American Silver Eagle, my two favorite posters, both have sounded off, identified tomorrow
5. 2008 American Silver Eagle, my two favorite posters, both have sounded off, identified tomorrow
6. 2008 American Silver Eagle, funniest guess (as determined by OP)
7. 2008 American Silver Eagle, respondent with the LOWEST number of posts
8. ????????????????????????, respondent with the HIGHEST number of posts gets to send me something cool
9. 2008 American Silver Eagle **winner** My brother Mike gets to keep one of the ASE's I mooched off him at cost
10. 2008 American Silver Eagle, The "TOMA" award, "The Old Magnet Ass" award for combat related injury.
11. Prize to be determined, Where does the phrase "Last Call, time gentlemen, if you please" come from? (hints: Old, Cartoon, Drinker){another helpful hint: though I fit all three descriptors, it isn't me}

12. "Most Confusing Giveaway Ever!!" award, ****WINNER**** ME!!! It would seem, unbeknown to me that the board has a "MCGE" award and I have been declared the winner of this coveted award by illini420. I don't know what to say, I am humbled and honored. Though I don't know what I won yet, I hope it is something cool like a sexy leg lamp to proudly display in my front window "A Christmas Story" reference....


In celebration of reaching my milestone 25th post and in keeping with the spirit of LotsoLuck's much ballyhooed 20th post, and the fact that I woke up at the crack of 4:00pm, being a 12-hour watch standing Search and Rescue controller for the U.S. Coast Guard and now 1 Newcastle brown and 11 Leinenkugels Sunset Wheats deep into the evening, and in a shameless attempt to curry favor with the board, I decided to hold a contest and a giveaway.

1 Empty Newcastle Brown Ale bottle (quite dee-lish)
11 Empty Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat bottles (wonderfully dee-lish)
1 10-ounce Silvertowne silver bar

The contest: easy, guess what this is?....

The Prize:

The rules and conditions:

1. Three guesses per
2. Contest ends 12:00 eastern 19 December
3. Winner announced and notified 12:00 eastern 20 December
4. Winner Address due 21 December
5. Prize mailed 22 December via Express mail to arrive for Christmas
6. Multiple correct guesses; winner will be determined by:
A. Veteran status
-proven Valor winners
-active duty served/serving in the Gulf from G.W. I - present
-retired/discharged combat types from any other conflict (Including Grenada)
-Service by "trigger pulling" warrior priority, #1 Marines, #2 Army, then Air force and Navy (about the same) and finally; my own, the Coast Guard
B. if no service types are among the winners, then the winner will be determined by arbitrary and capricious "who is the coolest poster" and "who should I suck up to" method.
7. First smart-a$$ that says "PM forum" without having read the rules, and maybe didn't realize, will be given one opportunity for board-posted apology, if not the contest is dead and I drop the bar in the first Salvation Army kettle I find.
8. OP reserves the right to change and add rules and requirements at will
9. ONE board member is excluded from this contest and if they should post the correct guess I will give reason why, nothing negative, but one person "knows a little too much" and would probably offer the correct guess.
10. ****lotsoLuck**** I am calling you out for a cool "50 post" giveaway........

So? What say you all? Shall we?


Invoking "Rule 8" OP's right to change and modify rules (though I might add rule 8 (a) "rule changes only for the better")

...and for the sake of a little TTT bumpage, giving some others a chance now that this post is deep into the board, and in consideration of another "Leinenkugels" night (thanks for the correction Cameonut, (after that many beers I'm a little impressed with myself that I only missed by one letter)

..commeth the rule changes......

[b}It is a Texas Commemorative,

Hats off to "two-minute Dan" 8402 for pegging it 2 minutes after I (suds-influenced) hit the "post" button, not the "preview" button as intended.

Human nature being what it is, for the most part all guesses after Dan8402, seconded by Spacemonkey, that from there on (to me) amounted to "does this look like a Texas Commem to you?"

Rule #6 now applies, Warrior Status;
-current frontrunner PaleElf
-Gulf War Combat Vet with two Valor awards. No further proof of Valor required from PaleElf (in the form of a DD-214, or scan of the citation) PaleElf "speaks the right lingo"
["2x Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal w/ Combat "V"] {gives the proper name of the award, "w/" I have only seen as military slang meaning "with" and Combat "V"
The "V" denotes that the achievement award, awarded for ANY number of reasons, was awarded for "Valor" PaleElf wears a bronze "V" (called a "device") on his
ribbon, and a Gold Star denoting it is a second award.

The ribbon looks like this:

I have also decided, in the Christmas spirit, to award some more prizes:

-Second place prize, a 2008 proof Bald Eagle Commemorative dollar goes to the first correct guess--- "Two-Minute Dan" 8402!!!!! Congratulations!!!! PM me your address
-Third place prize, a 2008 proof Bald eagle Commemorative half-dollar goes to---no winner yet! [Classified contest rule], winner announced when I see the post I am looking for---
- Fourth and fifth place prize, ASE, year to be determined by what I can mooch off my brother at cost and current value, will be awarded to my two favorite posters, one has sounded off, still waiting to hear from the second.
-Sixth place, ASE, "funniest guess" (as determined by the OP) Current front runner : "1955 Buick hubcap"
-Seventh place prize, ASE, respondent with the LOWEST number of posts (any profile generated after 11 December is disqualified)
-Eighth place prize, respondent with the HIGHEST number of posts, you get to send ME something cool!!! You can afford it!!!
-Ninth place prize, ASE, ***WINNER*** My brother Mike!!! He is awarded one of the ASE's I mooched off him at cost!!! Congratulations Mike!!!! PM me your address!!!,
mmm, never mind, just keep it and we'll save on the shipping...


**RULE 10**
-Contest now open to any and all Vets, award by Rule #6 priority, No guess required, just sound off with service and accomplishment, if you will claim a Valor award, be prepared to back it up with documentation (DD-214 noting the award, or a scan of the citation) for most the only award I will be able to grant is my (and I presume the entire board, we do seem to be a rather Patriotic Bunch) sincere appreciation for all those that ever put on a uniform in defense of God and Country, certainly to include all Police (father is a retired New York City cop) Fire, Paramedics and a long list of those unnamed, I leave you with my favorite quote and small award:

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf"

- George Orwell

Peace!! Stand by for more rule changes!!



Tenth place prize, ASE, is the "TOMA" award, "The Old Magnet Ass" award, awarded to whoever has used their body to interfere and disrupt the natural trajectory of hostile steel or lead the most

Current front runner: TexasNationals, 7 WIA

Helpful Hint: Anyone with "Blackwater" in their sig is someone you should be nice to imageimage

["Old Magnet Ass" was a nicknamed earned by a young sergeant in Viet Nam, in Col David Hackworth's book "Steel My Soldiers Heart" one of his sergeants, wounded (7 times if I remember correctly) earned himself the well-deserved nickname "Old Magnet Ass"]


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