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Anybody got any hope of winning any acclaim this year (ha ha) Anything used Nick Kirke will win. Amazing what a bottomless pocket book can do for a collection of graded stamps! More power to,em would be nice to go see his collection and marvel together at the extent and quality someday.


  • EDU - Nick's collection of New York Foreign Mails stamps and covers will be on display later this month in Orlando and then again in Cleveland next March (I'm coming out for that show).
    Richard Frajola
  • I'll have to remember that...
  • I have to agree that anything used, Nick is likely to win. I'd love to see his collection too. I've seen scans of some of his duplicates, and even those are impressive. I did notice the other day while updating my registry sets that if I could add a super nice Scott 299 to my 1901 Panamerican set, I could actually provide Nick with some competition in that one set. I'm a cheapskate though, and so who knows when I may find such a stamp.

  • It makes it really tricky at auction to pay a reasonable price for a nice grade of a specific issue. I've really curtailed my spending on graded used even though the majority of the time a specific issue is 5 or 10 times more scarce than the same NH issue. I really wish Nick could put all of his stamps with images up somewhere on the internet it would be a real treat. I know he had several on Richard Frajola's old site some time back, I really enjoyed looking at all the gems he owns. I dare say I'm very envious but think I have a few respectable used grade for my meager income.
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