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Does anyone collect Jimmy Cater signed books?


  • Yep, I've got about 10 or so.
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    whoa, 2 posts moose?
  • i could never get him to sign anything, i always got back mr carter does not sign this item, so i got sick of getting emand wrote EXACTLY WHAT THE HELL DOES MR CARTER SIGN THEN image
    he signed my papers to go to iran in 1979 and i cant get his auto-peaunts farmersimage
  • The only thing lately that he signs is the books that he has written. He will only sign two at a time and they have two be sent to his museum in Atlanta Georgia. His signature is quite common so it's not worth much, at least while he is alive.
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  • yeah-my c.a.g team autos are worth more image
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    He's great if you get a chance to go to a book signing to get him. They will always advertise that he is siging books only, but if you can get an item up to him, he is very accomodating. I've gotten probably close to 100 books, FDC's, baseballs, wooden Presidential Seals, and a couple of other items signed by him. Been to several of his book signings. Sold them all too with the exception of one that I had him personalize to me. At one book signing, I got over 40 books and items signed and he stopped the line for a couple minutes and took time to ask my name, talk to me, ask about my profession, ask detailed questions about my job, thanked me for being a public servant, and a little more small talk. By far my best book signing experience.

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  • That's a pretty neat story. Do you sell the books on EBay? That's a lot of Jimmy Carter stuff. He's the only president I've seen in person. Well at the time he wasn't the president. He started the presidential campaign in a town (Tuscumbia, AL) next to my home town in 1975 or 1976. I was 11 or 12 and we went to see him. We never got closer than 2 or 3 hundred yards from him but it was neat. I have collected signed photos, presidential cards and signed misc. from him but just a few books through the mail. Unfortunately the amount of signed items available makes his signature common. I have gotten George Bush Sr. & Jr., Jerry Ford and Clinton to sign books. It took years of trying to get Clinton or either Bush to sign. They are quick to send an autopen signature but slow on the real deal. Thanks for sharing your story.
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  • Whatever happen to the two Mooses?
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    << <i>Does anyone collect Jimmy Cater signed books? >>

    I collect Jimmuh peanuts and Billy Beer....that's all the dude was worth.

    edited to add....Moose stole my avitar!!!! image
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    Wow! Moose1 has been a member since 2001 and has 2 posts............image
  • Who do Voodoo?
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    strange computer voodoo!
  • Sure is!
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