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New acquisition courtesy of Microsoft Cashback - an invert

With the Microsoft cashback at 30% a week or so ago, I decided to look around on eBay for some material to fill holes in my collection. I had made an offer on the piece below that had been declined; I felt that it was priced a bit high at $475 (SCV = $400). With the MSN cashback though, it brought the net down to $335, which to me was doable, as (1) this has a lovely socked-on-the-nose cancel which dovetails with my cancel collecting focus, and (2) the inverts are not commonly found on piece.

Even though the centering isn't the best in the world, the stamp is otherwise sound (these are frequently faulty), and the presentation is quite nice, so I'm very pleased with it.

As a bonus, in the intervening week between when I bought it and the stamp arrived, the new 2009 Scott Specialized came out. Very little movement in 1st-3rd Series revenues, with the exception of some of the part perfs, silk papers, and the $20, $25, and $50 2nd Series denominations... oh, and the two 2c inverts of the 3rd Series. R135b made a HUGE jump from $400 to $750, and this R151a made a nice jump from $400 to $500. image



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