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so here's the deal free giveaway winners in this thread

I don't know why they deleted this post but here it is again

In celebration of my 48th b-day I'm having a 2 coin giveaway one for all ................ one just for the yn (young ones)

Now I have the task of figuring out what type of contest to have but let's try this for the young I'll have a drawing putting all names in a hat and draw.

For all maybe something alittle different .... a guessing game everyone gets 5 guesses if noone gets it in 5 guesses or by the end of the month I'll have a drawing like for the yns in case there are several that guess the same thing and are right I will put those names in a hat and draw a winner as well.....anyway this is what you are guessing I started a fad....a craze.....what ever you want to call it and now it's up to you to guess what it was.

have fun

btw: the coins are a raw 1901 barber quarter ( low grade ) for all
and for the young I'm making it a little sweeter 1949 s ngc graded ms 65 rd

this will close the last day of september 2008 winners will be posted the first weekend of october

Well noone guessed it (and I may use it again so I'm not saying lol ) so all names will go in the drawing for the 1901 barber quarter which I have not done yet but...

The winner for the MS lincoln worth around $15. is ........ (drum roll and trumpets here)

laxmaster92 CONGRADS pm me your mailing info so I can get this sent out to you


MarkJude Congrads pm me your info
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